Kandi Burruss Reacts To Lesbian Rumors On RHOA

This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was explosive when Kandi Burruss’ sex life was exposed during a glamping trip. Marlo Hampton asked Kandi about the rumor she’s had relationships with women, which had originally been brought to light by Porsha Williams. Now, Kandi is speaking out about the topic.

“I’ve said on Housewives before, I have said on Kandi Koated Nights before, yes I’ve had a girl experience. It’s not a secret, but I’m very happily married with my husband and I am not a lesbian waiting to come out of the closet,” Kandi told The Daily Dish, before sharing why she thinks Porsha started the gossip earlier this season.

“She was mad about something else that she thought I said on the show,” Kandi recalled. “So I guess she shaded me about that and her shade was saying that I was quote unquote ‘lesbian waiting to come out of the closet.’ Now when I found out she said this, of course, I was looking at her like, “Oh no you didn’t say that!’ You know, ’cause I’m like, ‘Girl, you like to hookup with girls, so why would you say that as if that were shade?'”

Kandi will also face allegations that she had a “sex dungeon” on next week’s episode. “She goes, ‘You are lying. You’re talking about when you and Todd tried to take me and Shamea to your sex dungeon.’ And I’m like ‘Girl, I know you didn’t just lie like that. Why are you making stuff up?” Kandi said. “She tried to change the whole story then she said a whole bunch of other stuff that was some BS as well. That, in particular, it bothered me that she tried to turn the situation around when she was the aggressor in the situation.”

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Why couldn’t she just squash the rumor ad laugh about it? Why so mad? Kandi looks like an homophobic biatch

I actually get this subtle homophobia from all the RHOA crew. So what if she’s a lesbian??? They make it seem like it’s the worst rumor ever
I find it odd when a minority group judges and discriminates against another minority group, all the while demanding they be treated equally and fairly !!

Unfortunately in my community, homosexuality, no matter how open we appear to be, is the last taboo. Oscar nominated writer/ Director Lee Daniels now has two shows on tv featuring LGBT characters (EMPIRE and STAR) that focus primarily on this theme and it causes a lot of controversy within the African American community. On OWN, Oprah Winfrey also co-stars in a drama based in the black “megachurch” community – where one of the administrators working in ministry is having a sexual awakening now and naturally, people are losing their minds. What happens in this case is that I think many… Read more »
Hard to be homophobic when you’re an admitted bi-sexual. The issue here is that the women are trying to imply that she either doesn’t love her husband or has a fake marriage, and therein lies the attack that’s making her so over sensitive. Because people in the AA community and Atlanta in particular gossip about them all the time (due to her being the millionaire in the relationship and him making so much less than he does). I get it. it’s just one more attack on her marriage and her man, and that can be frustrating. Everybody and their mama… Read more »
Truthfully my culture really is struggling with homosexuality, I would agree 100%. But that isn’t really the problem here. Kandi has run around with very sexually adventurous, fluid crowd of music celebrities in Atlanta who are famous, or rather infamous for the crazy sexual viewpoints they express and practices they embrace (open marriages, threesomes, ect.). She herself had one of those cult favorite sex/relationship talk shows where they discuss EVERYTHING openly. Atlanta in and of itself is such a hotbed for all things having to do with sex, the sex trade, etc., most celebrities there are open about their practices,… Read more »

You get the award for the best answer.

I just watched last week’s ATL, having only read the excerpts, etc, since I am a week behind always on ATL. I watch Victoria at 9…one more episode. Kandi is definitely out yhere about her bisexuality. She and Todd have a marriage where he knows her sexuality and has been open about it. Now the rumors start of Todd’s supposed infidelity in NY. It is sad that reality shows just try to make trouble for trouble’es sake, no matter who gets hurt. I have to say, when Cynthia said “… I am a lesbian” and then started to detail it… Read more »
Hey Rain! I totally agree with your well written synopsis of the two queens. I did not watch The Crown, but I know of what you speak. Victoria is growing on me as well. I know some of the story is not exactly the same as the real story, like with Miss Skerritt…since in reality Skerritt was not like her at all. The writers took it upon themselves to make it more interesting so they changed her character. I would think, so far anyway, that they are trying to stick to the truth with Victoria most likely. Yes, that jumping… Read more »