Does Kandi Burruss Pay Her Mother Joyce’s Bills?


Kandi Burruss’ mother Joyce will join part 2 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. After being very critical of Kandi’s fiancé Todd Tucker, Mama Joyce will take a seat on the sofa as Andy asks her some tough viewer questions about meddling in her daughter’s relationship.

But in this shocking preview, the conversation turns to Joyce spending Kandi’s money…

When asked by Andy if she currently works, Joyce says, “Oh no. I don’t have to. Now, let me get ya straight. Mama still got bonds. Mama got a house that’s completely paid off and security, and money in the bank, thank you very much.”

Joyce continues, “And mama got every kind of diamond you can thank of. Amen.”

Andy tells Joyce that viewers believe that Joyce doesn’t like Todd because she is trying to protect money that her daughter gives her.

“No, no, no,” Joyce says of allegations, adding that Kandi has “never taken care of her.”

Kandi chimes in,” Now wait a minute, Mama. You gonna say I never contributed to your well being?”

“Lets go back to a couple of years ago, when you had credit cards in my name that I did not know about. That’s when I took my check book away you, and then we sat down, and I gave you extra money to subsidized you,” Kandi says, adding that Joyce was spending all the rest of the money on gambling and the Home Shopping Network.

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25 Replies to “Does Kandi Burruss Pay Her Mother Joyce’s Bills?”

  1. Does anybody else remember when Kandi was moving her mother was whining that her own house wasn’t good enough, and she ended up in Kandi’s old house? Does anybody think Kandi SOLD it to her? I remember reading quotes from Joyce that she had disability money and some other type of savings or investment. I don’t believe for a second any money that woman has is not from Kandi somehow.

  2. I think Kandi is happy to help her Mother but would love some appreciation for it. Some recognition. It really was pathetic watching Joyce go on and on about all HER money and HER paid off home, bonds and HER diamonds. Joyce enjoyed making Cynthia squirm and then apologize for saying Kandi helped her out. Really doesn’t speak we’ll of Joyce to brag about her money and then agree she took $700/month from Kandi to pay off HSN and gambling debts. Not very ladylike.

  3. Exactly what did mama joyce do to earn all this money she has in the bank, diamonds, paid off home, etc? Only thing I can see is that her only true investment is Kandi.

  4. Joyce should be ashamed of herself as a mother for what she’s said an acted on the RHOA it was disrespectful to Kandie 100% .

  5. Kandi seems like the most amazing person in the whole RH franchise…. the only think I question with her is her taste level… her home decor & some of her clothes… but hey, nobody is perfect.

    As to Mother Joyce… she is something else… I wonder how much diamonds would this woman have and what type of home if her daughter weren’t as successfull …

    P.S. Seems like Kandi got her attitude, skills and common sense from her dad *wonder when did he leave Joyce…

  6. Mama joyce is so obvious–the viewer’s can see that she doesn’t like any man in Kandi’s life (because he would come between her and kandi’s money).
    She acts really ghetto and says very foul stuff—I would be embarrassed if she were my Mom…..
    He obsessiveness of kandi reminds me of that (manager / employee) of Selena (who ended up killing Selena) to keep her all to herself (creepy). I’m not saying momma joyce would do that (because she likes Kandi’s money too much)…..But Kandi really needs to grow a pair and distance herself from her mom and set new boundaries (if she ever wants to grow up and be a woman). Todd will always be a problem and Kandi will always be in the middle…………

  7. Kandi looked embarrassed by her mother’s neck jerking, finger snapping attitude. Mama Joyce is not looking good. She is doing what she is accusing the men in Kandi’ s life or…

  8. Ppl don’t seem to remember that Mama Joyce started having issues with Todd when she wanted to live in Todd and Kandi’s guest house of their new home. That’s around the time she moved into Kandi’s old home. I think she saw that Todd would get in the way of her manipulating Kandi and possibly her “income”from Kandi as well..after that she became more aggressive in her dislike of Todd and their relationship even though they had been together for some time.

    1. Joyce had a problem with the last guy,too. And According to Kandi to the therapist she’s had a problem with every relationship Kandi has had. She’s always made sure the money would never be shared with a husband.

  9. I agree, out of respect Kandi is doing the best thing by living her life regardless momma is never going to be satisfied with her choices in any relationship.

  10. MJ is like too many other parents who indoctrinate their child into believing the child must “help” or “support” the parent because the parent is owed for having them. Creating life was the parents’ choice and not the child’s. It is very clear that MJ is hurting her daughter and always has. Kandi is so totally brainwashed that she cannot save her own spirit. It’s sad to see.

  11. What is the big deal? Kandi is doing what a lot of children do for their parents. With money or no money they still try to take of them. Unfortunately it is Mama Joyce who is taking this to the next level. Kandi loves her mom, that’s what Mama Joyce banks on. Control, Control, Control Mama Joyce give your daughter a break. Fine a man to control. Let your daughter love, and love be loved. Be happy for her. Be there for her. That’s it, that’s all stop trippin

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  13. I know I’ve NEVER seen a MOTHER that makes her daughter feel like crap and cry and verbally abuse them for choices she makes in HER life as much as that MOOCH does.

  14. It’s crazy for a mother to act that stupid for no reason. Everyone sees it all about money and that sad that she would loose a relationship with her daughter for money that do belong to her. It okay if Kandi want to do for her but don’t think it okay to run her life. MJ need to get a man of her own fast and leave that girl dam along. And give Kandi her business hell she spending Kandi money as well, no one that stupid. She don’t have that much stock really!!!!!

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