Kandi Burruss On Todd’s Suggestion She Come To L.A. With Him


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss is speaking out about her husband Todd’s suggestion that they move to Los Angeles. In a new interview with Bravo, Kandi says she cannot just up and leave her daughter, Riley.

Bravotv.com: Does Riley usually disagree with your style choices?
Kandi Burruss: Riley is always talking to me as if she’s my mom, LOL! She would love for me to dress like a nun.

Bravotv.com: Were you worried about Todd having to go back to LA for another extended period of time?
KB: No, I’m not worried. I’m excited for all of his opportunities. We’ve learned from the first time he went how to deal with the long distance. So I’m fine with him going back.

Bravotv.com: What was going through your mind when Todd suggested you come out to LA with him?
KB: My first thought is Riley. I can’t just up and leave Riley. My second thought was that maybe when Riley finishes this year of school that we just take the whole family to LA.

Photo Credit: Bravo


2 Replies to “Kandi Burruss On Todd’s Suggestion She Come To L.A. With Him”

  1. Kandi is right- she can’t uproot Riley like that, Rikey need the stability. After Rikey graduates from high school then Kandi is free to follow Todd around IF she chooses, but until then, Riley comes first. It’s only a temporary thing and Todd and Kandi can have romantic interludes to make it work. Have little vacays with the family- SoCal is a awesome place to visit and even Riley can have fun here for weekends!

    1. So right Karen. If & when, I hope they leave evil mama Joyce behind–their marriage is already not on such solid ground as it is. Kandi has even shown some of her mother’s traits lately.

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