Kandi Burruss On NeNe’s Emotional Breakthrough At The RHOA Reunion


In case you haven’t seen the RHOA reunion preview, NeNe Leakes has a breakthrough when she gets emotional talking to Dr. Jeff about her mother. Now, Kandi Burruss is opening up about what that moment was like when they were filming.

“Well, she had a breakthrough,” Kandi tells New York Live. “She was bringing some things from her past that really struck a nerve with her. She was talking about in her childhood and things that happened. And her father… she never really talked about that before. It just brought a different emotion.”

Burruss also promoted her Bravo spin-off show, Kandi’s Ski Trip, premiering May 17th.

“It’s my family,” she says. “We’re trying to blend our families, Todd and I. So some of his family members and mine, the Old Lady Gang, my mom, even some of our friends and people that work for us. Everyone is on a trip together, trying to mend some of the broken relationships and get things back on track. And we’re skiing, so it’s funny to see women that are in their sixties and seventies on snowmobiles, it’s hilarious.”

Will you be watching Kandi’s new show?

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15 Replies to “Kandi Burruss On NeNe’s Emotional Breakthrough At The RHOA Reunion”

  1. No, I will not be watching Kandis ski trip, can’t stand Joyce and the Geritol gang. Kandi has no backbone to quit buying her mamas love. That woman did not sincerely apologize to Todd.

  2. No No and again no! I will not watch a show with that nasty old hag, witch, selfish lady that is called mama Joyce! I think kandi created problems that were not there on rhoa to get people to watch this dumb show.

  3. I am not a fan of Joyce so I dont think I will watch. She shoots below the belt, she is nasty. She has no remorse and she is numb to emotion. She needs to get help. I want to junp in the TV screen and shake her up sometimes. Tell her you are ruining your family relationships.

  4. If I’m desperately bored is the only way I will waste my good energy to watch & feel even more dislike for Joyce than I already do.

  5. Nope- I agree with my fellow ^ bloggers ^ above. Kandi enables her mother to be vile and destructive force in her life- saying truly vicious things to people on a regular basis, treating everyone with outright rudeness and disrespect and systematically ruining every relationship Kandi has. And all Kandi does is laugh nervously, cry or shrug her shoulders and say “That’s my Mama.” – Like that somehow absolves Joyce of all her sins. Worse, Kandi expects everyone else in her circle to put up with Joyce’s abuse too, and get mad when they protest. No, Kandi- keep your family sickness to yourself, it ain’t fun or funny.

  6. Slight change of subject, but did anybody else clock Krazy Kenya for wearing a knockoff of the Michael Costello dress that Beyonce wore the night of the Grammys? Sorry if someone else already said it, I just didn’t notice it. But damn, Kenya…you are not and never will be that talented!

  7. I agree. Can’t stand Kandi’s mom. And how Ksnsi sticks up for her no matter what! And unfortunately… I can’t stand to see her daughter on the show anymore. She is a little Momma Joyce. If be embarrassed if I were Kandi.

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