Kandi Burruss At Odds With Husband Todd Over Mama Drama


This season on RHOA Kandi Burruss has been at odds with her fiancé Todd Tucker about their mama drama. Kandi cannot seem to keep to peace between her mother Joyce and Todd’s mother, who recently passed away, Miss Sharon.

After telling Todd that her mother refuses to apologize to Sharon for calling her a prostitute, Todd suggests that they spend the holidays separate from each other, much to Kandi’s dismay.

“I’ll go to New York Thanksgiving and we can do separate stuff,” Todd tells his wife, as they continue to remain divided about their mothers.

“It’s all a problem,” Todd tells Kandi. “It’s all a problem that your mother created. I’m not going to tell my mother to bite her tongue or stop having feelings about it. So, I don’t see it working.”

Watch the clip below.

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Photo/Video Credit: Bravo