Kandi Burruss’ New Play Based On Her Life, A Mother’s Love


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss has just added another title to her resume, playwright producer and star. That’s right, Kandi announced on Instagram that her musical A Mother’s Love, based on her and fiancé Todd Tucker’s life and her own relationship with her mother, will be playing at Atlanta’s Rialto Theater, November 22-24th. “I’m so excited!!!” Kandi wrote. “Everyone is going to be there so you should be also!”

A few week’s ago Kandi explained how she got creative insight for her songs. “I hear so much in my head but I can’t play an instrument. So I’m singing a full out song with harmonies & all to just a click track. I’ll have a musician come play to what I wrote later but I need to put this idea down now. I love what I do! You would be amazed at what I can do with no music.”

Kandi’s play, A Mother’s Love, stars Kandi herself along with Eddie Levert, Shirley Murdock and D. Woods of Danity Kane. For more information visit KandiOnline.com.

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  1. I don’t understand how someone can write an autobiography at such a young age. I like Kandy but I think she is a little to full of herself.

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