What Did Kandi Burruss Name Her Baby Boy?


At 8:42 am on Thursday, January, 7th, Kandi Burruss finally delievered her baby boy. The baby weighed in at 7 lbs., 6 oz.

Kandi shared, “Todd and I have been waiting so long for his delivery and he is so very perfect.” The couple was happy to share the first photo of their son on social media. Pictured with Baby Tucker are both Kandi and Todd’s daughter’s Riley an Kaela.

baby tucker

So what’s his name? “We named our beautiful baby boy Ace because I wanted something unique,” she told E! News. “When he becomes school age, hopefully he won’t have to worry about another person in the class having his name.”

“More than that, Ace represents the number 1 and that of the highest quality and our baby Ace is definitely that!” she added. “His middle name Wells was Todd’s mother’s last name. Using her last name as his middle name was our way of honoring her memory.”

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3 Replies to “What Did Kandi Burruss Name Her Baby Boy?”

  1. Ace Wells Tucker sounds like A Swells Tucker… Ace…Well, Kim stole Kandi’s first choice name of Cash/Kash. Someone likes cards or gambling. Anyway, I do wish them well..Wells is a nice tribute to Todd’s mom. Having a last name like Tucker I am sure is not easy with what it rhymes with. I am happy they have a healthy child and hope that grandma is nice to the little guy…hoping anyway.

  2. Congrats to the Tuckers. I am glad it is a boy. I thought Kandi might name him Patrick after her brother, but then maybe that would be too much of an invite to Mama Joyce to butt in.

  3. Congratulations to kandi, todd and family on their new addition, ace wells!! love they honored mrs.wells!! hope this brings family even closer and softens mama joyce’ heart!!

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