Kandi Burruss Lays Everything Out On The Table With Fiancè Todd Tucker


Kandi Burruss has had her fair share of problems in her relationship with her fiancé Todd Tucker. And in this sneak peek of the next episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi is brought to tears when Todd tells Kandi about his new job opportunity that involves shooting an international travel television show that would have him traveling for several months.

With Todd away on business, Kandi is concerned how he will help her do her play, A Mother’s Love. “Question. How are you going to help me do this play, if you’re leaving to do that?” Kandi asks Todd. “If you want do the TV show, go ahead and do the TV show.”

When Todd acts surprised by Kandi’s tears, she adds, “I just feel like lately we’ve been arguing about the stupidest stuff, and you keep bringing up these other shows and stuff that you want to do out of town, so I just feel like, don’t let me be the reason that you’re staying. I feel like when you go and work on your other opportunities, to me, you seem much happier, even if it’s out of town and away from me.”

“I don’t want to hold him back, if there are things that he feels that he needs to do, but at the same time, I see so much more for us together,” Kandi says in her interview.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo