Kandi Burruss Lays Everything Out On The Table With Fiancè Todd Tucker


Kandi Burruss has had her fair share of problems in her relationship with her fiancé Todd Tucker. And in this sneak peek of the next episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi is brought to tears when Todd tells Kandi about his new job opportunity that involves shooting an international travel television show that would have him traveling for several months.

With Todd away on business, Kandi is concerned how he will help her do her play, A Mother’s Love. “Question. How are you going to help me do this play, if you’re leaving to do that?” Kandi asks Todd. “If you want do the TV show, go ahead and do the TV show.”

When Todd acts surprised by Kandi’s tears, she adds, “I just feel like lately we’ve been arguing about the stupidest stuff, and you keep bringing up these other shows and stuff that you want to do out of town, so I just feel like, don’t let me be the reason that you’re staying. I feel like when you go and work on your other opportunities, to me, you seem much happier, even if it’s out of town and away from me.”

“I don’t want to hold him back, if there are things that he feels that he needs to do, but at the same time, I see so much more for us together,” Kandi says in her interview.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo



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  • Justso

    Poor Kandi. Sounds like she loves him more than he loves her. She so deserves to be loved and appreciated. This is not a marriage made in heaven but how many are? Hope Kandi finds true love reciprovated. Go away Todd.

  • Madi

    Can you blame Todd…Kandi’s mother is way too up in their business and it’s obvious to everybody but Kandi her mother is more concerned about her own bacon than her daughters happiness. I’d be bailing too if I was Todd. Kandi has let her financial power leak into her relationship and nobody, especially a man wants someone lauding over them with money as a backbeat. She’s going to lose Todd. She can’t see how she’s letting her mother emasculate Todd out of her own fear of losing Kandi’s financial support. What a selfish woman. Give her an allowance, tell her to stay out of her business and back the F up! I don’t think Kandi would tolerate this if the shoe was on the other foot for more than a heartbeat. Grow a set Kandi !! Or your play is going to have a tragic ending.

    • I really feel sorry kandi she is a very wonderful person .she has a sweet spirit , and I hope she finds someone that loves her the way she needs to be loved, but I will suggest stop following in love so quickly take your time and see if this is what you want ,love yourself. please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ck

    Puleeze! This scene must have been contrived by the producers to cover up something…maybe because Todd wants “out” and Khandi insists on not being embarrassed at being left…again. I think they want it to look like just a temporary thing, but I’d bet my whole check that M. Joyce’s interference is the reason that Todd wants out BEFORE he gets stuck with a country bumpkin (albeit a rich one) and her nutty mother and aunts. He probably went to Khandi’s father to “ask her hand in marriage” months ago, and Khandi’s dad probably “schooled” and warned him what he was getting into, and asked him if he wanted to lose his freedom “to be himself, Todd” without a lot of B.S. questions and suspicion – one, by M. Joyce, and two, by a very insecure Khandi.

    • ck

      “for her hand in marriage”, sorry, left eye clouded over today. Have a great day, everyone! We finally got some sun in ATL after ice and rain the past two weeks. Hope you go sun today!

    • TamaraJ

      I don’t think the producers had anything to do with this. The emotion coming from Kandi was authentic. She’s no actress and pretty much wears her heart on her sleeve. I do agree that Todd may want out of this relationship–or at least he’s having some second thoughts.

  • When Kandi msaid yes to the marriage proposal,she is in love and wants a wedding. She has made commitments in building a career and financially free so she and her daughter have a good life. If her mom is dead set against her marrying Tom,just because he does not earn as much as Kandi, then she needs to say,if you cannot get along with my fiance,then kandi must choose between her domineering mom,or to Todd and have a wonderfull life with him.Do whats write for you,not just to please your mom and be miserable. Cut the apron strings and act like a grown up…