Kandi Burruss Explains Why She Decided To Sue Kim Zolciak!

Kandi Burruss

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kandi Burruss is speaking out about her decision to pursue legal action against Kim Zolciak for the song she produced for Kim, ‘Don’t Be Tardy For The Party.’ Kandi, along with co-writer Rodney Richards (Don Vito), are seeking “damages for copyright infringement due to Defendants’ unauthorized and unlawful licensing, distribution and sale of Plaintiffs’ creative works,” the suit states.

Kandi spoke with Hip Hollywood and revealed that she had to file a lawsuit against Kim because TuneCore said it would be the only way Kandi could get them to take the song down from iTunes. “It’s time for the whole ordeal to be over,” Kandi says. “I asked TuneCore to take the song down in December 2012. They did. Kim sent an affidavitto put it back up, which they did. TuneCore then informed me that in order for the song to be taken down permanently I would need to file suit to have it removed.”

Kandi explains that the lawsuit was a last resort. ”I never wanted to go that route but after being told that it is the only way to get the song removed, I had no other choice….This is not a publicity stunt. I no longer wish for anyone to benefit from the work that Don Vito and I created.”

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10 Replies to “Kandi Burruss Explains Why She Decided To Sue Kim Zolciak!”

  1. Love Kandi but…she only worked with Kim on the song as part of the story-line for RHOA. It showcased her talent and increased her credibility and popularity among viewers. She cut only a token deal with Kim because she truly believed the song would never be profitable. Who would?! She must be kicking herself but for Kandi to now sue because Kim has made more money than originally considered is poor business acumen and bad energy.

    Kandi needs to rise above this and focus on her new show, creating more hit music, and her beautiful family.

  2. I don’t think any of us know the deal that was originally struck. What we do know is that Kim has played dumb in reunions about why Kandi wasn’t getting any money and said she’d rectify it. Kim’s creative contribution to that song was almost nothing. She owes Kandi a lot for the final product, including getting her Prima Donna arse into the booth.

  3. Kandi, you go for it, it is your money and you should get paid for your song. If it was anyone else they would have paid you, and there is no need to explain why you are going after your money. Any one else would sue for theirs. You are the ONLY true Lady on RHOA. you say what you mean and you do not go behind any ones back. You will back up what you have said and you will stand up for who ever is right even if you do not like or agree with the person. That is a sign of how you were raised, your mother tought you to be a real lady, a real person. Thank God for your wonderful mother and how she raised you and now you are raising your daughter to be a lady and a real person. May God bless you and your up comeing marriage, and please atay true to your self….

  4. I completely understand. It sets a pressident when you allow one person get away with not paying you.

    Kim is lying yet agin! This isn’t about past monies, it’s about future monies. How sad, more of Kroys hard earned money going down the drain to defend Kim’s shady past.

  5. Wow Kandi has gone the route of if you won’t be my friend and I can’t have it, I just want to take my ball and smash it! This woman contridicts herself in so many ways. I don’t think Kim was right but Kandi told everyone at the reunion show that she was going to put this song and Kim behind her and just move on. At the same time Kandi criticizes Kenya for backing out of the booty video and doing her own because Phaedra didn’t want to pay Kenya. Seems one would rather back out than wait what seems three years and then sue. What a trip Kandi is .

  6. Kandi…you made a bad deal in the beginning….move on….be the bigger, better person and just move on. It is a decent song. Let it continue to make its rounds…and be professional about it and move on.

  7. Kandi is in her rights. All the work that was put in for a woman that cannot sing, let alone keeping those ugly hooker wigs on her head. Kim is so full of Kim that it stops her brain from acknowledging that she cannot sing. She could have been a lot nicer to Kandi and respectful. Kim needs to go back to the corner she worked when she met Big Daddy.

  8. Kandi don’t you read how our music has been stolen for decades? Dumb move. Secondly, that song is better than the ghetto songs you make. You should have made it for yourself!

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