Kandi Burruss Explains Why She Defended Kenya Moore


Kandi Burruss is speaking out about her discussion with Phaedra Parks about Parks’ children visiting their father in prison in a new interview with Bravo. Burruss says she is tired of being asked about the subject of Apollo, and that she doesn’t feel anything about it anymore. She also dishes on why she stuck up for Kenya during the argument about Tammy’s nephew.

Bravotv.com: How do you feel about the discussion with Phaedra over the kids visiting Apollo?
Kandi Burruss:
I don’t feel anything. I’m tired of being asked about it.

Bravotv.com: What inspired you to stick up for Kenya during the argument about Tammy’s nephew?
I was sticking up for what’s right. People try to make Kenya wrong in every situation just because they don’t like her. It’s not OK for a man to physically attack a woman, and they can’t make it OK just because it’s Kenya. I’m shocked that they were taking up for him. Looking back at that Miami episode, you can clearly see he called all of us bitches and all kinds of names. He knocked his own aunt out trying to get to Kenya. There is no way they should be supporting that type of aggression towards women.

Bravotv.com: Would Ayden make a good reunion host?
Ayden would make an awesome host!

Do you agree with Kandi?

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17 Replies to “Kandi Burruss Explains Why She Defended Kenya Moore”

      1. Suzeeeee, I’m back! And I’m happy to say that I couldn’t agree more! I’m over Kandi’s bullshit and she is literally turning into Mama Joyce, hateful and mean. I’m glad to see that we agree on at least one franchise! xoxo

        1. I have to stick to clips and here for ATL same as Rain, I can’t watch it anymore! I think I prefer mobwives at least it’s more honest! ( I don’t watch that just saw a couple of episodes) I’m glad you are back and hopefully we will agree on more than just ATL!

    1. YEA,khandi.go away you are jealous cause porsha.is Phaedra Best friend and not you and you are hurt.Be happy khandi Phaedra found you a husband you could not find REALTALK! You should be shame!
      You look Stressed get some rest. And don’t hate on my girl porsha she is the show!

  1. Kandi needs to stress on her own stuff…I have yet to hear about her daughters father and all that he does or how her daughter spends time with him…she has no business in having an opinion on anyone’s kids or how the should or should not be raised! Clean your house before you start on another life. .just saying. ..it’s called hypocrisy,

    1. Good point Ana, I forgot all about that, although Kandi will say that the father doesn’t want to be in her daughters life, she said that many seasons ago, guess she feels differently when its about her daughter, its OK for her daughter not to have a relationship with her dad!!

  2. Have lost all taste for Kandi, both she & her husband are not nice people. Add her mother to that & it’s pure disaster. No more to add.

  3. Kandi should focus on her own family and stay out of how others raise their children. Apparently she has gotten that message given her response, She certainly has changed over the years and I don’t see it for the better.

  4. Kandi is correct by defending Kenya regarding Tammy’s belligerent and violent nephew. The guy deserved to be arrested! It is apparent that Phaedra is still blinded with hate for Kenya because Apollo was attracted to Kenya and Phaedra still wants to punish Kenya. Phaedra behaves as if she did not vigorously pursue Apollo while he was in prison and is now feigning surprise that Apollo is in prison again? Really? Phaedra’s southern bell persona is a fraud because decent women do not select criminals to father their children.

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