Kandi Burruss Expecting Baby With Husband Todd Tucker


The wait is finally over! Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss is expecting her first child with husband Todd Tucker. Both Kandi and Todd have daughters from previous relationships but this is their first child they are having together.

“We’re so thrilled to announce the news of our bundle of joy, it’s a dream come true,” the peach holder exclusively told E! News. They have not learned or revealed the sex of the baby yet, but they have just made the news public to the media and their friends.

“Our daughters, Kaela and Riley, couldn’t be happier about becoming big sisters,” Todd told E!

Congrats to the happy couple on their new bundle of joy!

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36 Replies to “Kandi Burruss Expecting Baby With Husband Todd Tucker”

  1. That’s horrible news… these two are obviously not gonna last… their constant bickering and family issues only after 2 years of being together does not make a great future…

    1. Do you ever say anything nice about anyone? I’m Still waiting for my apology!!! I will carry on until I get it!!

        1. Precisely! so why would you suggest I need medication for liking Brandi!!!!! That is why I want an apology, I never attack other posters for a difference of opinion yet you attacked me!

          1. You are online. There is all types of assholes here. Including me. I am a troll. A person who is looking for a reaction from people. I don’t want to agree with anybody on here and I really try to be an asshole.

            So… get a grip. I don’t know you, I don’t even think about you. And you need to be more confident in yourself. There’s tons of idiots online. Including me. Deal with it. Either ignore me or take me for what I am… a comment ass.

            1. “A comment ass” by your own words. Well, you certainly have made it clear.
              I guess you are entertained by annoying others. That seems like a valuable use of your time. I think your choice of name is so appropriate even more so now.
              Thanks for stating what we all thought all along!

              1. Well we know now! I don’t know about you but I try to ignore people like her. There is no point in her comments if they are made solely to wind others up! I will wait and see but if she bites at me I will bite harder!!! Lol

                1. Yes, I don’t usually comment to such types, but this time I just couldn’t help myself.
                  It is sad when people are internet trolls and seem to be proud of it. I wonder what kind rock he or she crawled out from under.

          2. M, you are so right you are a troll and an ass. You are ignorant, stupid and mainly pathetic! I have so much confidence in myself. I don’t need any more! I can’t stand people like you that come on here just to annoy people and to try to wind them up! There is no point in your existence!! Maybe the medication you say I need has taken over so if you think you can wind me up don’t even try because I bite harder than you!!! Beware!!!

            1. Ummmm I bite too but only because my husbands into that sorta thing…..haha not really but thought it would be funny to say.

  2. Congrats to the Tucker family. Oh man…hope we doing hear about idiot joyce carrying on how Todd now has his hands onHER fortune.

  3. Kandi now get as far away from that evil mother of yours as humanly possible. Don’t leave a forwarding address.
    Project that child and your marriage from that Jezebel.

    Oh and Congratulations! I am truly happy for you.

  4. I wonder if the baby will have small arms and a big head? lol. That’s not me being mean..Momma Joyce said that to Phaedra one time. Congratulations to Todd and Kandi.

    1. I think she also said something like Kandi is short and two short people…Well, she did not approve of this union. She must be thrilled at the news of the baby.
      This baby will live in the lap of luxury with Grand-mamma Joyce…probably not babysitting.

        1. That is the truth. I would imagine Kandi might want Riley to babysit…also not a great choice in my opinion. Riley is an awful lot like her grandmother…those expressions and her judgmental words to Todd’s daughter. Riley would probably charge Kandi a fortune if she even would babysit too! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…
          Hopefully she will have a great nanny!

  5. I was thinking…Todd Tucker you mother f…er… It happened. I hope it is a boy and they name him Todd. Mamma Joyce will be thrilled! I would not want to see her face when she got the news. If it is a girl, I hope they name her after Todd’s mom.

    I wish them well, and hope for a healthy baby. I I do hope that Kandi’s family will accept Todd and the new baby more as time goes on, though I don’t hold out much hope for Joyce. She seems like evil personified.

  6. I always worry when women who are over 40 get pregnant. Why oh why do they want to start over when they have almost grown children? I mean if one gets pregnant just doing’ what comes natural, but to go to doctors and get injections, if she did, it seems a lot of babies are born with problems. They will be in their 60’s when the child is grown. They constantly bicker over money, so now it will intensify. I hope the best for them and the baby.

      1. Close enough. I am talking about the health concerns with women over 35. The risk becomes greater with every year over 35, especially if no kids were born in between. Now that’s what I read, so I am sure there are a lot of differing opinions. I am not speaking as a doctor or nurse. My Mom was a neonatal nurse, but that was many years ago and things were different. They used to push these huge machines around for inhalation therapy at Kaiser Hospital in Sacramento, Ca. Now the breathing apparatus is in the wall in every room. So many babies born with Autism, I am just voicing my concern, not a criticism.

        1. I understand. Advanced maternal age can increase the chance of birth defects such as Down’s Syndrome. However, with in vitro they can check the embryos for sex and genetically, so they implant the healthy ones. I just read at one site that advanced maternal age is now 38, though it always was over 35, though I didn’t check that elsewhere.
          Also, obstetricians consider you in your 40th year of life after you have lived 39 years. Years ago a woman was considered over 35 after she reached age 35, and they suggested amniocentesis or chorionic villi sampling to test for Downs…both with risks. Now I believe there is an improved test. It is not young to have a child in your forties, but many are having children later and later, and many of those with in vitro. I know a female physician married to a physician who had both of children in her forties…in vitro because of her years of school, etc. that delayed her and then her fertility declined. Even Lucille Ball had both of her children naturally in her forties. My mom had me at 37 and she passed suddenly at 62. I really wanted my children to be born when I was younger, but my youngest was at age 35 and a few months…since I married later and had complications with the first delivery of my other child…both normal. I waited 5 years for the second and last child. I agree with you about being older. I see women in their forties with husbands much older. It is their choice to bring children into the world. Old age is promised to no one. Retiring with your kids in college isn’t easy either. I want to see grandchildren some day too. I understand your points clearly.

        2. I didn’t take it as a criticism. Just when you said over 40’s that’s all. I had mine mid and late thirties and right or wrong many people are leaving it until later to have children as average age in UK for first mortgage is Now 37. This doesn’t help. I don’t know what it is like in U.S. I agree there are health concerns but I don’t know what the answer is. Obviously it’s different for Kandi as she is very wealthy. But I do understand why she wants another child now she is with Todd.

  7. Congrats & best wishes for a healthy pregnancy to both Todd & Kandi. The baby should be adorable as long as he/she does not have a single thing resembling Mama Joyce innards or outwards.

  8. I’m happy for them. Momma Joyce will not be able to destroy them now though prior to this she was making some great headway in that direction. Hearing Kandi say over and over “that’s my momma” as her explanation for allowing Momma Joyce to say and do any destructive thing she felt like was totally sickening.

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