Kandi Burruss’ Emotional Reaction To Mama Joyce’s Behavior


Kandi Burruss appeared on Watch What Happens Live Sunday after a new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. During Sunday’s episode we saw Kandi’s mother, Joyce, lash out at her friend Carmon at a wedding dress fitting. Joyce accused Kandi’s friend, who also works with her, of having being “too close” to Kandi’s fiancé, Todd. A lot of viewers have had strong opinions about the way Joyce has acted towards Kandi’s relationship and Kandi finally spoke out about the issue during her appearance on WWHL.

Andy tells Kandi that a lot of people are saying she should “push back harder” when Mama Joyce acts out. “First of all I don’t care what people feel when it comes to my relationship with my mother,” Kandi responds. “Then on top of that I feel like she is my mother and I’m going to respect her at all costs. People don’t think that I tell her how I feel. I do tell her how I feel, I just don’t say it in an aggressive tone.”

Andy also brought up the topic of how Wendy Williams reportedly influenced Joyce’s opinion of Todd. Wendy said that she thought Todd was an opportunist and and shouldn’t be living in Kandi’s house with her. Andy asked if that really contributed to Joyce’s feelings about Todd. “I can’t pinpoint what it was [that made Mama Joyce start disliking Todd],” Kandi says. “I can say that last year, every week Wendy was coming on saying negative things about my relationship with Todd and then my mom would come back and say, ‘Well Wendy said.'” Kandi says that she does like Wendy but that she doesn’t like how she criticizes her relationship when they are in “similar situations.”

Kandi revealed that Joyce is currently not speaking to her for how Bravo made her look in last week’s episode. “She didn’t like the fact that you guys were saying she needed me,” Kandi said of opinions that Joyce is worried Todd will interfere with her access to Kandi’s money. “My mother, she could be fine without my help, but I feel like as her daughter it’s my job to make sure she is good. She made sure I was good growing up, I’m going to make sure she’s good. I don’t care if she doesn’t like my relationship.” An emotional Kandi tells the camera, “I don’t care what y’all have to say. That’s my mama and I’m gonna make sure my mama is good. She don’t have to talk to me. Y’all can tweet, y’all can do whatever, but that’s my mama. You can tweet until you get blue in the face but that’s my mama, she can have whatever she wants.”

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  • Binky

    I realise all these shows are scripted, but if Kandi’s Mum is acting – she deserves an Academy! Kandi mentioned that her Mum has always hated anyone that gets close to her – wtf? Mum needs to calm down & be thankful for everything Kandi’s given her. Stay out of her personal relationships!

  • Confused

    I found it hard to see that particular part of the show.
    I found it disrespectful and classless that andy kept bringing it up.
    especially after she cried about it and he showed another clip of that dress fitting scene “all happy” and stuff. totally ridiculous.

  • Tracy

    Oh for heaven’s sake, Kandi. Who is suggesting that you turn your mother out on the street? Or don’t make sure that “she is good”? Buy her a house, pay her bills, give her an allowance, whatever you think it right. But for Chrissakes, does keeping her “good” really have to include allowing her to choose your friends, your boyfriends, spouse and all major relationships? Are you really confusing love with an absence of normal, respectful boundaries? Your mother is a manipulative, insecure woman. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you and wasn’t an amazing mother when you were younger. But you have allowed her to over-identify with your life to the point where she doesn’t respect –or separate– your choices.

    Love your mother, provide for your mother. But draw some boundaries around your “self” and insist she respect them. Your approach of never confronting, of never introducing healthy conflict into your relationship with her has just enabled your mother to have hr perspective warped so much that she honestly believes you are worth nothing that anyone would want besides your money.

    Insist on the respect from her that you say you must give to her. This isn’t your other’s issue…it’s yours’.

  • yaya

    Mama Joyce ain’t right. Where’s the proof, mama Joyce? Where’s the witnessess? The cackling three should all be ashamed of themselves, what a nightmare for Kandi, how selfish these women are!

    Kandi, hope you stay successful and focused, this mama Joyce vs Todd vs Carmen vs rumors vs gossip goes away and real quick, the last thing you need is for this negativity impose in your successful brand.

  • Annie

    Sweetie, you are a kind person and a wonderful daughter, but your mother is toxic.
    There comes a time in your life when you have to stop and acknowledge these things even though it hurts like hell. Your mother is being extremely selfish and I believe she is really looking out for herself. She is afraid that when you get married she will no longer have control over you. It is all about control, she wants to alienate you from everyone that could possibly have your ear. I mean no disrespect, but you have to put your foot down and make her respect you as a woman even if that means separating from her for a while until she gets it. You are no longer a child and her disrespect towards you is pretty gross. If you don’t do this, she will sabotage each and every chance of happiness that you may have. Sorry to be so blunt and for the unsolicited advise.