Kandi Burruss Dishes On Intense RHOA Season 8 Reunion


RHOA star Kandi Burruss is dishing about the season eight reunion in a new interview. Burruss said she thought reunion day would be fairly calm this year, but when she gathered with her fellow cast mates she realized what she was really in for.

“Going into this reunion, I thought it was going to be boring. I really did,” she told Bravo. “I didn’t think that Phaedra was going to deal with the issues. So I didn’t really think there was going to be that much debate between she and I and Todd. And I also didn’t think that Kim Fields was going to be aggressive. So I thought this reunion was going to be boring, initially. Until the day of and then I left there thinking, ‘Wow this is going to be a great reunion.'”

So what are some of the biggest moments viewers can expect from this year’s reunion?

“OK, well I think one of the obvious things is the shocking moment of NeNe coming back, because we went into this season where everybody was saying she wasn’t going to be here. And clearly, she’s here,” Kandi revealed. “For me, it was a lot of stressful things going on with the Phaedra situation once again when she was saying the thing about [how] she felt I was hiding Apollo’s stuff from her; that was shocking to me. Honestly, it was never a secret with us. I mean, I know I never picked up the phone and called, but Apollo never came to us as if he was hiding from her because they were still together at the time. I didn’t think it was a problem, but OK.”

Then there’s the moment when Cynthia and Porsha got in a physical altercation…

“That was shocking because none of us thought that they were going to go to blows. We didn’t think Cynthia,” Kandi explained. “No? You really have to do something to take it to that level — which it was a reason for her kicking, but still it was shocking.”

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4 Replies to “Kandi Burruss Dishes On Intense RHOA Season 8 Reunion”

  1. Ummm..Kandi. Why else would Apollo store his toys in your garage? He had a very nice garage at the house he was living in. So…no….and It seems Porsha consistently has trouble keeping her hands off other people…it is just a matter of time before she ends up in jail.

  2. Go away Kandi, you’re horrid in every sense of the word. You betrayed Phaedra & if that’s how friends treat each other, no one would want one, especially one like yourself. You’re not soft, kind or loving, but a snake in the grass along with your slime bucket husband & your she-devil mother. Get Lost, cant stand to even look at or hear you open your flappy mouth.

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