Kandi Burruss’ Co-Stars Accuse Her Of Being A Lesbian

Just hours after Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks had words, they acted cordial on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta as the ladies tagged along with Cynthia Bailey to see if she needed to get new boobs to go with her new life. But the doctor confirmed that Cynthia did not need to redo her implants yet.

When Kandi went shopping with Mama Joyce for her daughter Riley’s 14th birthday, more drama with her baby daddy, Block, came up. Kandi told her mother that Block had expressed interest in seeing Riley. Joyce said whatever contact Riley had with her father should be on Riley’s terms, but Kandi said that since Block’s birthday was the day after Riley’s maybe they could get together for a birthday lunch.

When Kandi gave Riley her birthday present, her daughter revealed that Block had called her and invited her to go to lunch. Riley asked Kandi if she would go with her. Kandi was hesitant, but finally agreed to go for her daughter.

Meanwhile, Cynthia’s daughter Noelle met up with Peter Thomas for some yoga. She expressed to Peter that she was sad how they had split and that Peter hadn’t reached out to her since. “You’re like my second father figure and I thought it was at least worth a phone call,” she said. “It just kind of hurt.” Peter apologized and explained that adults make mistakes. “Nobody’s like, ‘Do you miss Peter? How do you feel?'” Noelle said as she started crying. “It seems like nobody cares.”

Porsha Williams convinced Shamea Morton and Sheree to go to a yoni ball workout with her, Sheree missed the workout, which is when the real gossiping started and it all had to do with Kandi. Shamea revealed that Phaedra had tried to sleep with her husband when she had been married but neither Sheree nor Porsha seemed to believe that.

Sheree and Porsha met with Phaedra to discuss the situation. Porsha said that she had “new information” that came out that disturbed her, mainly, it was that Phaedra and Kandi had had a discussion in private back when they were still close, which Kandi then shared with others after their falling out. Sheree told Phaedra that Kandi was running around telling everyone Phaedra hadn’t been sad when Apollo Nida went to jail because she was already with another man. Phaedra said she thought Kandi was being “malicious.” The ladies agreed that the only reason Shamea made the accusation about Phaedra trying to steal her husband was because Shamea and Kandi were such good friends. Then, Porsha casually mentioned that Kandi was sleeping with Shamea.

Then, Porsha and Sheree set up a lunch to confront Kandi about spilling secrets about Phaedra from when they were friends. “I just felt like it should have stayed in that space,” Porsha said to Kandi, who said Phaedra was just “running” her mouth. “She throws the rock and then she hides,” Kandi said. Kandi then revealed that Phaedra had also told Porsha about the new man she was seeing before Apollo went to jail, but Porsha just played dumb, arguing she just wanted the “back and forth to be over,” and did not admit to believing Phaedra had a boyfriend before Apollo went to jail.

Kandi left, but Sheree and Porsha stayed. Sheree made reference to Kandi being in a closet and Porsha jumped in, “She was in somebody’s closet or still is in one! OK? That’s none of my business.”

Sheree asked the cameras, “Did you just out Kandi for being a lesbian?” Sheree told Porsha she was just talking about Kandi “peeking through a keyhole” and Porsha said that was also what she meant.

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  • DaysofWineandRoses

    Oh for crying out loud, the correct terminology for application in this case would be bi-sexual- and even if she were to be so, who cares and why is anyone surprised? The woman makes sex toys and has had a sex & dating chat show for the last umpteen years. Kandi Burrus has never presented herself as anything less than open about matters of the boudoir, these hags are just looking for a label that will make tracks in the ground for a storyline and press cycle they can run with. Bor-ing.

    • Judith Lewis

      Amen. Preach sister, speak the truth. She is the highest paid with 1.8; while the others … Even Kenya makes more than Fake Pha and Porscha makes the lowest. They r jealous

  • Starr

    I must add my 2 cents worth by stating that Kandi opened her own can of worms. The conversation she had with with Phaedra was just that, a conversation between the two of them. She was wrong to go blabbing that conversation with whoever would listen & most especially to her evil mama. Oh well, she is truly her mother’s daughter, rotten to the core. Whatever comes out of her maliciousness will be deserved.

    • Judith Lewis

      Since Fake Pha telling lies on her; she had every right to tell the truth. U might not like her but she tells the truth.

  • Srl83

    I believe it… she does make sex toys. But to me Kandi has changed so much… I don’t understand where her anger is coming from. But it was really dumb for her to tell Phaedra secrets bcuz we all know Phaedra also knows Kandi’s secrets. With that being said, Phaedra is the queen of shade and she’s gonna rip Kandi a new one at the reunion. Can’t wait

    • Emily

      I agree Kandi has changed over the years and acts like she’s better than everyone else I don’t get where her anger with Phaedra comes from either she from what they’ve shown on the show hasn’t done anything. Kandi is the one who took Apollos side when he did everything and acted like Phaedra was wrong for wanting a divorce. I can’t stand watching her mom either she is so negative about everything and she makes Kandi pay her to watch her kid that’s just weird!

  • Miss Ⓜ️

    I gotta say ladies I agree here. I used to really like Kandi for her sweet down to earth nature, still like that part of her, but I don’t know what’s happened to her with her anger either. I don’t watch the show much at all but did see some of it last night and was kind off shocked to see the change in her. Maybe that mother from hell of hers is rubbing off, good luck Todd. Mama Joyce is just from another planet altogether. And she loves the limelight too much time for the hook.

  • I am so sick of these Housewives, particularly this group, always acting like they just love the gays so much, but that is ALWAYS their first go-to insult. How many folks on this show have they accused of being gay as an insult? It is hateful. Frankly, I hope that someone jacks up their fake hair something awful.