Kandi Burruss Buys Todd Tucker New Corvette For His Birthday


Todd Tucker had a great birthday judging by his extravagant gift from wife Kandi Burruss. As the cameras for season 7 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta roll, Kandi gave Todd a brand new white Corvette and shared pictures on Instagram.

“Happy Birthday to my love @todd167!!!!! I love you babe! His bday is Monday August 4th but we’re celebrating all weekend! ?? #stingray #corvette #MadeInTheUSA #HeLovesHisGift I’m a good wife! Lol!” she wrote.

And Todd loved his present! “Thanks Babe @kandiburruss for the best bday gift ever!!! #blessed,” Todd wrote.


Todd and Kandi will begin the national tour of their play, A Mother’s Love, in September.

“I’m super excited about taking A Mother’s Love on a national tour! This is a dream come true for Todd & I,” Kandi told Bravo. “I plan on doing meet & greets in almost every city! We look forward to being able to meet so many of our fans. Although I have been happy to share my life through Bravo, it is much more exciting for me to share my talent on stage and allow people to see the other side of me.”

Photo Credit: Bravo/Instagram


4 Replies to “Kandi Burruss Buys Todd Tucker New Corvette For His Birthday”

  1. Oh boy and it starts!! Kandi for being a smart women is just plain stupid when it comes to Todd…I believe this will end in a very expensive divorce…It has been so obvious that Todd is in it for the money geez his best new mate is Apollo there such good friends because there both leaches….Kandi get out now the longer you are in it the more expensive it will be…Oh and keep checking your bank accounts for unusual debits!!!

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