Kandi Burruss & Boyfriend Todd Tucker, How They Met!

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kandi Burruss is in love again, and on the upcoming Season we will get to meet her boyfriend of over a year, Todd Tucker! Todd used to work on the production staff for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and on Season 5, viewers will get to see just how serious Kandi and Todd’s relationship is!

Todd was on the Bravo production team that traveled with the ladies on their trip to South Africa last season, and after he met Kandi they really hit it off, and ended up spending the rest of the night talking.

Without giving away too much of Kandi’s storyline for Season 5 of RHOA, look forward to seeing Kandi and her beau together on the show, and they are very happy together!

Tell Us- Are you happy Kandi has found love again?

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  • April

    Not a fan of Kandi, She is a back stabber, she need to go on a diet her things, butt, has dimples, she to young to be out of shape. she’s another desperate young girl who looking for a Daddy figure, what she need to do is focus on her daughter get her in a exercise class before it get out of hand. Moving Todd in is to soon I thought she was so in loave with her other boy friend that past. Kandi seem really slow I can’t stand the way she talk every time she open her mouth I want to P!!!!!!!!!! her.

  • April

    Typo error, Thighs Huge

    • court

      You don’t like her but you wrote a damn novel about her. Not to mention you clicked on the article to read about her dumb fuck

  • Super She-Ro

    Kandi seems like a loyal and caring person. I do feel however that she and Todd’s business ventures should be kept very separate from her previous ones, and they should have new staff for those and a diff office location. RE: Keep things very separate as to stifle him winning a prenup challenge. People act totally diff when relationships end. Meanwhile, I’m glad she found a nice young man who she can share smiles with. She is so happy now! So, glad for her!