Kandi Burruss Apologizes To Porsha Stewart For Comments About Her Marriage!

Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to apologize to Porsha Stewart for comments she made about Porsha’s marriage to Kordell. Kandi explains she looks back on certain episodes and doesn’t agree with her behavior and also explains it’s not her place to judge someone else’s marriage. Read what else Kandi wrote below.

Kandi writes, “Sometimes I look back at an episode and disagree with my own self about things I may have said. This episode is one of them. I felt bad as I looked back at how we were questioning Porsha about her marriage. So let me say, Porsha, I apologize. My mom always says you’re not supposed to speak about other people’s marriage unless they ask you to. Porsha did not ask me for advice, nor should she. I am not married YET, therefore I can’t say what Porsha should or should not do. I respect the fact she stood her ground.

My situation is totally different than Porsha’s. I meant what I said about how I can’t relate to her situation, because it’s true that if you have to financially depend on your mate, then a lot of times that gives them more control. BUT that is not always a bad thing. These days divorce is at an all-time high, and I have to wonder if it’s because we as women are more independent and therefore less likely to put up with B.S. and not as willing to work through the hard times like the women from back in the day, who were more dependent on their husbands? Well, although I can’t relate to Porsha, I still wish her happiness and longevity in her marriage, and I hope she keeps doing what works for her. Maybe I need to be taking advice from her, since she is the married one.

Well, the other thing I looked back on and gagged about was when they showed me telling my fart story… I speak first and think later sometimes, LOL! Oh well! That is me. I’m always telling my friends some crazy inappropriate story. I love to laugh with my girls. We were having a good time, so I told it not thinking about the millions of people who would watch it later. Well hopefully y’all got a good laugh.”

Photo Credit: Bravo