Kandi Burrus Talks Plans For A Baby


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burrus and husband Todd Tucker recently appeared on the Dr. Oz show where they opened up about their relationship-how they keep the magic with having busy work schedules, and their plans to grow the Burrus-Tucker family.

“We came up with our own thing,” Kandi tells Dr. Oz. “Basically we will not go more than two weeks without being together. It’s mandatory. One of us has to figure out how to get to the other within the two weeks.”

Todd referenced to him and his wife becoming newlyweds. “She’s a little more sensitive. I think you were real and rough, and I think it kind of calmed and relaxed her and made her a little softer.”

As seen on the show, the couple opened up about their fertility issues and are continuing to try to make their family bigger. “Well I’ve had issues with fibroids for a long time and I’ve had multiple surgeries to remove them. But recently I was told I had some scar tissue from, I guess my last surgery and they’re thinking that’s probably the reason why I didn’t get pregnant.”

Tucker being the supportive husband commented on watching his wife of a year struggle. “It’s tough. It’s frustrating because I know it has to play on her emotionally…It’s tough.”

So how is Kandi holding up? She’s been meeting with specialists and is focusing on the next step. “I’m fine. I’m more of a solutions person. I’m trying to figure out the solution. We’re in the next phase of trying to get pregnant now.”

We wish Kandi and Todd the best of luck with growing their family!

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5 Replies to “Kandi Burrus Talks Plans For A Baby”

    1. @Meg OMIGOSH right?! She scared me at the reunion. The only time she appeared upset was when she felt SHE had been misunderstood. Other than that, she was an ice princess. Maybe by that point she was just over everyone on that show and didn’t care, but she used to be more sensitive. She seems harder and harder every season.

  1. Mostly, before Todd and Kandi have a baby they have to work out their issues before adding a baby to the mix. Especially the issue of Kandi allowing everyone in her life to disrespect Todd. That has got to stop.

  2. Kandi should get her marriage on firm ground before moving forward to bring a child into the world. If she treats Todd as nastily as she did some of the housewives, she should consider moving in with her devilish mother that she resembles more & more & give Todd some peace. He & his late mom endured enough through this cold as ice hateful two.

  3. I wish Kandi and Todd the best. He’s s kool guy.She is extremely respectful of ppls feelings.You can’t plz everyone and u also get tired of ppl running their mouths.God bless all involved. ..LOVERS AND HATERS…cuz at the end of the day only God is perfect.

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