Kameron Westcott Feels Sorry For Brandi Redmond

Kameron Westcott is saying she feels sorry for Brandi Redmond in a new interview. Westcott tells Bravo that she couldn’t believe Brandi’s comment saying she didn’t have any talent. She also shares her thoughts about Brandi and Stephanie’s make up and if she thinks LeeAnne should be jealous.

Bravotv.com: What were you thinking when Brandi said you didn’t have a talent?
I was like, wait did I hear that right, did she really just say what I thought she said? I mean who says stuff like that? I think the answer is someone who is insecure about themselves and or intimidated. While it does annoy me that she said something so mean, I actually feel sorry for her and would love to help her learn to have less of a need to put other people down to make her feel better about herself.

Bravotv.com: What do you think about Stephanie and Brandi’s make-up conversation?
Hmmm, that’s tough, but I probably side with Brandi on this. Brandi went through some hard stuff over the last year and when your dirty laundry is in public the last thing you want is your best friend to light it on fire. But I am glad they were able to amend their issues and am happy that they are friends again.

What do you think of LeeAnne’s costume as Stephanie and the drama between the ladies?
While I love LeeAnne, if she came dressed as me in a negative way to my party I would have had the exact same reaction that Travis did and I would have asked her to leave. At the same time, if it was at a neutral site, there may be some truth to what LeeAnne was trying to convey and I hope soon her and Stephanie have the chance to work through their issues in a less toxic manner.

Bravotv.com: Do you think LeeAnne is right to worry that without Brandi the group will turn on her?
As we all know LeeAnne, rightfully so, has had abandonment issues in her past, so that has to be extra hard for her to see Brandi and Stef become friends again because she may be over analyzing and thinking that if they get back together, she may lose her. So I think she is less worried about the group turning on her and more worried of no longer having Brandi in her life.

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  1. This broad is whacked ! I fast forward when she comes on. And let’s put Brandi’s comment in the content it was made . . .she was asking you what Talent you would do in a Beauty Contest and I don’t even remember her answer because it was so stupid, like something about showing pink dog food !!!! And that is when Brandi stared at her in disbelief that she would think that was a ‘ talent’ and jokingly said well she wouldn’t let her in a Beauty Contest with no talent !

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