Jules Wainstein Was Hurt By the Women’s Comments


Jules Wainstein is not happy about what the other ladies said about her on last week’s episode of the RHONY. She writes in her blog that their comments about her home were very hurtful and she couldn’t believe what they said behind her back. She also weighs in on Bethenny’s awkward BBQ and John’s apology to Bethenny.

“Here we are in the Hamptons, my home away from home. I’m loving that John and Dorinda were with us that weekend, because we had such a great time having them; tons of fun, laughs and an all-around good time as always. We are all here to celebrate Bethenny’s birthday on Saturday, a tailgate-themed party, and I always love a good festive theme. The party was very well done, every “I” was dotted and every “T” crossed, yet the energy was off. The tension was high, and it was hard to relax and enjoy. The one good thing, though, is that I got to meet Luann for the first time! She is absolutely lovely, fun, warm and welcoming. I loved my first impression of her–she was nothing but sweetness.

Although we are under construction, I did want to invite my new friends to my home for a casual brunch. I even made a joke for everyone to bring their “hard hats.” I couldn’t imagine why anyone would care. The house is a big project, but we are enjoying the process of building it and feel very blessed.

I love to entertain. There is nothing better than being surrounded by friends and family. It makes me happy to see people smile and having fun while hosting. I love meeting new people and starting new friendships. I’ve always been great at that.

I was disappointed that the girls couldn’t stay long. At the time, I was hoping to get to know everyone better and them to know me. It was hurtful to hear some things that were said in my home behind my back, and even out of my home, but maybe the “smorgasbord” that divided us really was the issue. I may not be a bagel lover, but I do love me some Goldberg’s lox and veggie shmear– it is my absolute favorite! Trust me, I had tons of it through the morning.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode, where you will get to know more about my story.”

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17 Replies to “Jules Wainstein Was Hurt By the Women’s Comments”

  1. Couldn’t help but notice at Bethany’s BBQ Jules disappeared for awhile her husband asked her where she had been she said she keeps having to pee…….hmmmmm

    1. Oh snap, that’s a good point. It’s scary to think that she might be purging, but you have to eat something to actually throw it up. I have to admit that I’ve been there many a times, having had drinks and you open the vault with that first bathroom trip, but she is so skinny that anything is possible.

  2. Bethany was totally out of line at her house. She insulted her and her husband many times and acted like a total bitch. Her behavior and comments was out of line and uncalled for.

  3. If Jules is friends with John and thinks Luann is a lovely, fun, warm and welcoming, that tells me all I need to know about her powers of discernment.

    Bethenny and Carole were rude to make the comments they did behind her back. No excuse for that.

  4. I imagine she wrote this without anyone editing it or looking it over. When she speaks of her love of meeting new people and making new friendships and then how she has always been great at that, she really sounds full of herself. Sure her house may be 20,000 square feet, but it is a dangerous place for small children in its current state, and with dog poop very close to the building and non stop construction, perhaps she should not invite guests who arrive with camera crew for TV. She invited criticism, however, there was no excuse for Bethenny’s rudeness. Maybe they are in a money pit and would have a hard time selling the house, but who said they cared to sell it any time soon. Bethenny and Carole acted like spoiled teenagers, and they should have respected the owners of the house, had some brunch and left hospitably.

    As we see in the preview, Jules opens up about an eating disorder when she was younger. From all appearances thus far, she may still have one. People with eating disorders like anorexia and bulemia are usually quite good at not letting others know what they are doing as to food intake and purging, etc. I do hope that Jules gets the help she needs. She has a family who wants her around, and she needs to eat and be healthy as much as she can for herself and for them.

    It reminds me of an anorexic I worked with many years ago. I was the new nurse there and an older nurse told me to make sure that this nurse ate her lunch and that she had been ill, but I did not know what it was back then. She happened to have a great looking bagel with cream cheese with her for her lunch. That was all she brought. I said to her that bagel looks good. She immediately offered it to me. I told her, no thank you, I have lunch. You need to eat it. She became defensive at that remark, and asked me why. I said, you need your strength. Then she asked why and what made me say that. I had to say that I heard she had been ill, but I did not know anything else. She said okay…but pressed me for who told me. She only ate a piece of that bagel. In later years she took no lunch break but went to ICU to watch General Hospital at 3PM. Inonce asked her if she ate lunch at 3PM and she became very defensive and said it was none of my business. I had accodentally touched her shoulder and felt just bones too. We wore white lab coats so it hid a lot. Years later she died of her anorexia long after I left that place of employment. She was a very wealthy, sweet girl who grew up priveleged in Philadelphia and who happened to be Jewish, like Jules. That is what reminded me of her. She had it all by all appearances, but she suffered from an eating disorder.

  5. she better get some thicker skin if she’s gonna last. And how about her comment on calling them on elderly? Sticks and Stones Jules (literally… sticks)

  6. Digging into her weight on national television was such a turnoff to witness. You don’t even know the girl and already trying to bury her publicly for good TV? It’s as disingenuous as it is tacky. Particularly coming from someone who’s actually delighted in Instagramming herself in her 5 year old daughter’s tees….like that’s a productive message about good health? ?? No M’am. Now that Ramona has been humbled from the public humiliation of adultery, she’s chilled out a bit and Bethenny has gladly taken over the reigns the local Haze Queen. When Jules eventually gets tired of it and unleashes her inner Brooklyn on a b-$&’-! Ms. Frankel will have no one but herself to blame.

    1. And I can’t wait, Bon Vivant…I hope Jules releases the dragons on these bitches. I like people who say what they really think…but I draw the line when someone, like Bethenny and Carole, make cruel and intentionally hurtful comments about someone who so far, in spite of their mean girl behavior, has only been nice enough to invite them to her home for brunch. It is very difficult for me to get past the fact that Jules is so much younger and prettier than all of the rest of them…and think their behavior is saying more about their self-esteem than about Jules and her eating disorder.

      1. Hey, Jules isn’t that much younger and if she is, she doesn’t look it, IMO. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I don’t agree that she’s prettier than any of the others.

        Jules? The one who doesn’t have a clue what Et tu, Brute means? She’ll bring a Bethenny will eat her alive. Jules doesn’t stand a chance.

        1. Sorry, meant to say she’ll bring a fairy wand to a gunfight if she tries going toe to toe with Bethenny.

          1. Sometimes, she who says the least… says it best. Bethenny can do herself in without any help. Jules may just have to sit back and watch.

              1. Lol…we will have to wait and see. She is not an intellectual, that’s for sure. It looks like Bethenny makes Jules’ eating disorder all about her and her mother in the clip…which sucks, if that happens. But you really don’t think Jules is pretty? I think she is stunning…and not just because she is younger than the rest. She is 35…Bethenny is 45… everyone else is in their 50’s…and Ramona is almost 60….so that is a 10-25 year age difference…which in cougar years is HUGE.

                1. Eye of the beholder, I guess. I’m not saying she’s unattractive. I dislike commenting on someone’s looks because it’s not something they can change.

                  She’s younger and that might be part of the problem. What will she have in common with these women?

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