Jules Wainstein Signed Post-Nup Before Joining RHONY


During the RHONY reunion, Bethenny Frankel accused Jules Wainstein “going on the show to get divorced,” and a new report reveals that Bethenny’s claim was true.

A source close to Wainstein revealed that it was Jules’ plan to use her divorce as a storyline, explaining, “Bethenny is right!”

The insider told RadarOnline that Jules and Michael knew Bethenny before filming. “Jules and Michael were with Bethenny a few times and that is why she could say that she knew them,” the source explained. “She knew that their marriage wasn’t going to last.”

“Jules and Michael told her about their marriage problems one time at her house before they started taping the show,” said the insider.

“They didn’t blatantly say ‘we are getting divorced for the show,'” the source explained. “Just that they had a pretty good idea that their marriage was having problems. They did talk about it with her, and she knew it was going to happen.”

Michael filed for divorce in June, and the insider explained he took a page out of Kelsey Grammer’s book, distracting Jules with the show. The insider said Michael “wanted to give Jules a platform to make money. For her drink Modern Alkeme, for her to go on tour and talk to students about eating disorders. Anything to give her a source of income after she got divorced.”

The source revealed that Jules and Michael met with attorneys to work out a “post-nup” agreement to get their finances in order in October 2015, before she went on the show. “They knew they were getting a divorce, so they wanted to split things up fairly before the prying eyes of the cameras were on them.”

And they told Bethenny about their agreement. “They told her about their agreement,” the insider noted.

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  • Lisa

    With friends like Bethenny who needs enemies?

    • I guess I’m confessed. What again was it that B did hat was wrong?

      • Lisa

        Jules confided in confidence to Bethenny as a friend Bethhenny betrayed her severely by saying what she did about Jules. It was nasty.

  • DeeDee

    Who cares???? I didn’t even finish this. Who cares Bethenny??? What is your point? What is your actual point? Nevermind. I do not care. If jukes though the show would help her out of a bad marriage who tf is bethenny frankel to call her out or judge her? Vindictive b.

  • Bill Brown

    There is nothing “REAL” about Jules and Michael. Bethanny may not be the most tactful person but as least she is honest.

    • DeeDee

      Hi Bill, I’m wondering what is bethenny honest about? She doesn’t want her relationship on the show, & her kid and ex are off limits. Apparently so is her business other than obnoxious product placement. I don’t see how ridiculing & calling out others the entire season is passing as “honesty.” She’s a human troll. Just my opinion.

      • Amy

        She’s an extremely TOXIC person.

        • DeeDee

          I agree Amy. What more can be said?

          • Amy

            She deserves to be circled up in a ball in her closet when she watches herself on this season. I don’t even watch the show anymore. Only watch the commercials and read this blog. She’s a mean terrible ugly person.

            • DeeDee

              Judging by her tweets she seems perfectly pleased with herself, & comfortable calling everyone who feels otherwise “stupid.” Can you imagine the toxicity in person ?? Grateful i don’t have anyone like that in my life. I’d leave the show too like the half dozen others.

              • Crystal

                OMG… Could you imagine having to deal with her in your real life… Poor Jason.. Says a lot about Carol.

                • DeeDee

                  No I can not!!!!

              • Hate to tell you, they didn’t “leave” they were fired. Bethenny did her Bravo spin off for the 3 years she was gone from RHONY. Who did she argue with or get into it with besides Luann. And, well, of course handling the problem Sonja created. Lets get real, does ANYONE know where ANYONE can get ANYTHING Sonja makes or supposedly sells? This “$10,000.00 bracelet” would have been written about SOMEWHERE if it was true. The people who guest appear in their businesses on RHONY or any franchise don’t do it for fun, they do it for their business. It’s some of the best advertisements available today. So they can be more successful and pay their employees, and have more employees, helping America with the economy and jobs. It is an honest living they make, and a credit to American way of life and commercialism.
                John got into it with Bethenny, not the other way around. Jules got into it with Bethenny, not the other way around, because of lies Dorinda told her. Jules blurted out a bunch of marriage secrets, none of which have yet to be told. The post-nup stuff wasn’t the stuff Jules told her. Jules isn’t a “nice girl” like she pretends. She can’t even parent her own 2 kids. It is physically draining to pack for them to go to her huge house in the Hampton’s, well the one she used to have. Poor thing. DIAPERS, toys, snacks, and if she forgets anything, sitting Shiva? Wow. Her son seems to have an ear infection and she snaps at him!! I guess doctors are only for her? Does she even know what urgent care is? I guess not.
                How goes it DeeDee? I hope all of your schooling and other responsibilities are not dragging you down too much. Even with great stamina, we can still overdo, so I hope you are taking good care of your self first. You have so much going on, and you are at the top of that pyramid. 🙂

      • Suze☕️

        Totally agree DeeDee!

        • DeeDee


      • Bill Brown

        I give her credit for keeping her child off the show. She has per priorities right in that regard. Everyone knows where they stand with Bethanny, she is not 2 faced like most of them. If she says it behind your back she’ll say it to your face as well. I like her.

        • Me too, Bill. You said it, you always know where you stand. She might be harsh about it, but it is to your face. Unlike Luann or Dorinda. Neither of whom have had to work for anything they have for many, many years.

    • I agree Bill. Her delivery may be harsh but she cuts to the chase and there it is. Truth is hard for some to take and she has a way of snuffing out the BS. I love her directness, humor and quick wit. Without her on the show it would be so “Ordinary.”

    • Lisa

      They have 2 children. Thats real.

    • Besides, Bethenny never said there was anything wrong, in her opinion, with Jules doing that. Bethenny did a spin-off to get married, then spoke at length about the sorrow of divorce on her short lived talk show. She mentioned this herself. It was a rumor that had been around, Jules said that herself. Bethenny didn’t start the rumor. For some reason, this thing about going on the show, post-nups, bla bla bla, has nothing to do with “secrets” told to Bethenny in confidence. In posts it keeps being made to look like the two are the same thing. They are NOT. The problems Jules told Bethenny about was at the beginning of the season. Whatever those problems were have never been repeated, anywhere I have seen. I’ve asked posters to tell me where they might have seen or heard it since many are claiming she outed a confidence. No one has answered as of yet. It wasn’t shown on the show, it wasn’t written in any blog, I never heard it on any interview Bethenny did, and she has not been quoted speaking of it AT ALL. It bugs the shit out of me when dislike for a cast member is so heightened that lies are told to maybe strengthen that position. Maybe to make the opinion seem more valid. Every single person has the right to have a negative opinion about any public person. IMO, no one has the right to outright LIE, to make it look as though the opinion has been formed from those things which are LIES.

  • One Rotten Egg

    Ah Bitchany, Bitchany, Bitchany…thar SHE BLOWS!

  • moriah

    Lots of people have marriage problems but work things out. Bethanny isn’t capable of that kind of love but other people are. Marriage problems don’t always have to lead to a divorce. Bethanny wouldn’t know how to heal a marriage if her life depended on it. She only knows how to attack, humiliate, make herself the judge and authority on everything and everyone. Her new and superior relationship with Dennis Shields will fall apart too.because she’s too messed up to make a relationship work for very long.

  • glorybe

    I keep reading that Bravo is offering her more than a million to stay on the show..Bravo seems
    to think she is the main attraction for this franchise. No No No!!!! You need to get new blood, Bethanny proves the concept that money can’t buy you everything especially class.. she is still crude, obnoxious, and classless!!!!!

  • I can’t believe she called the daughter of her boyfriend.She’s changed so much it’s sad to see.All those therapy sessions have done a a 180on her personality

    • Amy

      I know right?? That was obscene to do such a thing… Surprise factor B.. When your having an affair typically no one knows about it so for her to call her boyfriends daughter to ask if basically they were screwing before he separated from this child’s mother is absurd. She really needs to eat a cheeseburger because her body frames looks like a 12 year old boy and after she does that she might want to go play in traffic with Crooks and Vicki because that’s about the level she has stooped to.

    • I was so pleased she did that. Big lies call for big responses. If his Daughter didn’t want to back Bethenny up, she simply wouldn’t have answered the phone. We are all adults here. The Daughter isn’t 12, she is a grown woman. Luann wants so, so badly to take some of the filth off of herself and smear it on Bethenny that she resorts to outright lies. She has this autocratic belief in herself, maybe because she once held a title in France. How disrespectful the way she whispered during every single clip that was shown. Speaking to those on her couch during the interview process. Bethenny isn’t the one who decides how the show is edited, they might have left out that entire part about Luann lying about Bethenny. Because it was a lie. Luann is the one who screws anyone and everyone, while she sits and calls Sonja delusional.
      Saying 1. I would want to know. 2. If you are a friend, you will show me. 3. Can you find out if it was this last Wednesday? 4. Why did Bethenny find out the details? 5. Why is Bethenny interested in my dating life? 7. I wasn’t angry at Bethenny. 6. I love Sonja. 7. Sonja is delusional. 8. I want you ( Sonja ) to find happiness. 9. Sonja doesn’t know how she gets home. 10. I am at her house to make sure nothing happens to her ( crying in the Berkshires. ) 11. You believe Sonja? 12. Shouting to the world “I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!” 16 times on the boat, ( I counted, hahahaha ) 13. It should have been done in private. 14. This is a reality show. 15. Dorinda——why did she choose ‘now’ to say it? 16. Why didn’t she tell ME, ME, ME? 17. Why didn’t she tell her – me – as soon as she found out? 18. No one is respecting this trip as mine. 19. MY opinion…..Bethenny should have deleted the photos from her phone and allowed Luann to walk into the press, the gossip, the news surrounding the HUNDREDS of people who SAW Tom making out with some Bimbo. 20. Oh this is my favorite, Luann lies AGAIN, “Tom and I had a fight that night,” ( something she never said until she had time to think up some excuse for him ) “And there was a girl waiting and ready, and he fell into her CLUTCHES. I laughed hysterically when she said that because I KNEW she would say that. Yes, she must have sat on that bar stool just waiting for the bald manwhore to get in a fight with his “Fiancee`” so she could make out with him, OMG.
      Yes, it’s all Bethenny’s fault.

  • smh

    Just when I think that I couldn’t despise Bitchenny- that is the right spelling, she goes even further to be one of the nastiest people out there.. She needs to stay out of everyone else’s business, but she can’t.. she loves to judge, yell at people, meddle in their business.. She is truly the most mean spirited, unhappy individuals on any of these shows.. She is delusional too.. she doesn’t see how nuts she is.. MAJOR THERAPY needed Bitchenny..

  • ChristopherM

    Bethenny is a lot of things, but a liar is not one of them. I don’t know why people are so bent out of shape. Jules was being fake…Bethenny was being real and honest. Who is the real culprit here?

  • Real Sandy⛱

    I agree. I don’t love Bethenny, but she is not lying. She may be a truth cannon, and she is harsh at times, but sometimes the truth hurts. I would rather an honest friend than one who stabs from behind the back and lies, even if the truth hurts.
    Clearly, Jules and Michael had a plan, and it is in a way, reminiscent of Kelsey Grammar, wanting his wife to make some of her own money and keep busy while the marriage dissolved. It was all planned.

    • I agree with you 100%.

    • texussgal

      Thank you Real Sandy! Bethenny, love her, hate her, whatever. At least she is honest to a fault and this is why people don’t like her. She doesn’t believe in feeding people sugar-coated sh*t by the spoonful. She just shovels it right in and most people can’t deal with this kind of honesty. Jules & Michael are very reminiscent of Kelsey & Camille Grammar. He is just a sneaky little shit that doesn’t want to pay alimony or child support and that is despicable! You bring innocent children into this world and you have to PAY for them. Surely he isn’t expecting Jules to support these kids totally. That wouldn’t be possible even if she stays on RHONY AND manufactures her drink. She may be very smart, but she sure doesn’t come off that way. Besides, who is going to foot the bill for potty training her children if she doesn’t get child support!!?? And, with Dorinda the Meddler on her side, how can she fail??? Dorinda needs to learn that she can’t just stir the pot and then back up and watch what happens!!! I used to like her, but now……….eh, she just seems to be an agitator.

  • DeeDee


    • DeeDee

      Was for miss Suze

  • DeeDee

    It’s called “honesty” now to take things your friends tell you in confidence & reveal them to the entire world. Noted.

    • Bill Brown

      No but it is called television ratings – it’s what we all watch for

    • I really do want to know where Bethenny ever said what Jules told her in confidence. Jules herself spread the news she was divorcing before the show aired. As always, there is so much we don’t see. But the things Jules told Bethenny in confidence about her marriage? Where did you see that, because I would really like to see it. For real. I haven’t seen it anywhere, on the show, in the blogs, in the rag mags, in any interview or article quoting Bethenny. Gossip repeated is not the same as something told to her in strict confidence. If anyone should be careful, its ANYONE SPEAKING to Dorinda. I used to really like Dorinda, until she started being so arrogant and condescending as to believe, and say out loud, that she knows what OTHERS feel when they say the opposite. Wow.

  • texussgal

    Oh 3D, love your comments about Dorinda. She is a real “pot-stirrer” and then sits back and watches the fallout. Jules never told Bethenny anything in CONFIDENCE. Throughout the entire season, she was constantly saying something derrogative about Michael and him always being on the phone. I don’t think that he was THAT important that he should have been getting all that much telephone action. Seems to me that anything Jules told Bethenny was out in the open and on the show, so where does the confidentiality come in???? She is the MOST disconnected mother to her children I have ever seen. Oh, I’m sure there are plenty, but they don’t put themselves on a reality TV show like she did. I’m surprised that she actually gave birth to these kids. I would have thought that if motherhood was sooo hard for her, perhaps she would have had a surrogate. I mean, she was in such a state of agitation when her nanny/housekeeper quit, it was like a major crisis. Then, in interviewing new ones, asking them if they minded standing “on line” to get discount clothes for her???? Really Jules, is there anything that you do for yourself? Maybe wipe your own butt??? And, as for the injury to your vajayjay, who in their right mind takes a selfie of that part of their anatomy and shows it to others???? Iccckkkkyyyy lady!!!! No one in their right mind does that and no one in their right mind wants to see that!!!!!

    • What also bugs me is the way she speaks FOR Sonja and Jules, over them. And , in opposition to what Sonja said about HERSELF! What arrogance. When Jules and Michael were in the car on their way to the Hampton’s, and she was whining about packing for them…..God Almighty. Then Jagger gets an ear ache and she snaps at him, wow. “I can’t do anything about it.” I guess she has no clue what an Urgent Care facility is. Makes me sick. Interviewing that nanny. Not one instruction or word about what was truly important. Like “I only care that you are good to my kids. My only concern is that they feel safe and loved” I care about when they eat.” “I don’t care what else you do as long as you take care of my kids.” Not ONE WORD. It was bonpoint sample sales and what Rio wears, so everything LOOKS normal from the outside. If she wonders why Bethenny is a little harsh and reactive, she might get it ( a big MAYBE ) when her own kids grow up with the same sense if emptiness. It was very sad to watch.