Jules Wainstein Opens Up About Battling Anorexia


The newest Real Housewife of New York City Jules Wainstein is revealing she’s actually happy that Bethenny Frankel called her out on her previous eating disorder.

“I believe that secrets keep you sick,” Wainstein insisted in the new issue of People. “When your friends are aware what behavior to look for, it helps. It’s like letting go.”

Jules explains she started battling anorexia when she was just 17 years-old. “I would make a list of things that I would eat and add up every meal, every calorie,” she explained, adding she used to limit her meals to a paltry 800-1000 calories a day.

Wainstein revealed she dropped down to a shocking 80 pounds during those days… “I had no energy,” she said. “I was depressed, I slept a lot.”

Jules finally sought out help at the age of 23, after she had switched from anorexic to bulimic while attending college.

“I gained weight,” she said about finally getting control of her health. “You start to appreciate life and your body. It was incredible.”

“It’s a lot of work to be healthy coming from an eating disorder, but I feel really lucky.”

Photo Credit: Bravo