Jules Wainstein Opens Up About Battling Anorexia


The newest Real Housewife of New York City Jules Wainstein is revealing she’s actually happy that Bethenny Frankel called her out on her previous eating disorder.

“I believe that secrets keep you sick,” Wainstein insisted in the new issue of People. “When your friends are aware what behavior to look for, it helps. It’s like letting go.”

Jules explains she started battling anorexia when she was just 17 years-old. “I would make a list of things that I would eat and add up every meal, every calorie,” she explained, adding she used to limit her meals to a paltry 800-1000 calories a day.

Wainstein revealed she dropped down to a shocking 80 pounds during those days… “I had no energy,” she said. “I was depressed, I slept a lot.”

Jules finally sought out help at the age of 23, after she had switched from anorexic to bulimic while attending college.

“I gained weight,” she said about finally getting control of her health. “You start to appreciate life and your body. It was incredible.”

“It’s a lot of work to be healthy coming from an eating disorder, but I feel really lucky.”

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10 Replies to “Jules Wainstein Opens Up About Battling Anorexia”

  1. I got the impression that Jules was relieved to address it at that lunch, and I’m glad that she feels better about it. She really took a big chance to confide in Bethenny of all people, but luckily for her she hit a soft spot from Bethenny’s past.

  2. We all have seen pics of Bethany before when she looks as skinny as Jules.. Bethany would never admit to it but she has an eating disorder also. The way she always talks on camera with a mouth full of food?! First of all that’s rude and disgusting to talk with food in your mouth. She only does it knowing she would be filmed when speaking and she shoves her mouth full with food to attempt to make others watching think she eats. I used to like her but I can’t stand the mean girl this season. Not a kind person. And the last person to be giving advice or making fun of anyone.

  3. I am hoping Jules has a good season. I am very disappointed in the way Bethenny and Carole and Ramona and even Sonja have openly “shamed” her regarding her weight. I don’t understand why these women always “come” for the new girls…it makes them look like bitter and boorish old hags to me. They should have picked up some kindness and good manners in their more or less 50 years. It is not that hard to be civil and polite to someone until you get to know them better.

  4. Jules can’t make hot water for tea?

    Oy vey!

    I’m also sick of hearing how she’s Jewish or Asian ever second sentence. What’s that all about?

    1. She appears to be intimidated or nervous, she can’t complete a sentence other than ‘I’m Jewish and/or Asian’.
      I like her, but wow not knowing how to boil water, she’s either lived an over privileged life or someone should buy her an electric tea kettle.

      1. She seems nervous to me too and a little goofy…but probably not as dumb as she is coming off.I thought she was asking Carole if it would be ok to use the microwave to heat the water…some people don’t like microwaves and believe they cause cancer. She just offered her a choice…kettle or microwave. She can’t make coffee, either, though….and she definitely lacks confidence in the kitchen.

  5. First of all, she needs to stop with all the Asian/Jewish comments. Why does she do this? As for her eating disorder, good for her for doing something about it and I hope it helps others but I don’t want another season focusing on their medical issues. The other women are a wee bit jealous of her I think. Carole is WAY too thin and B used to have an eating disorder.

    1. I think it makes them look older, as you age a few extra pounds helps. Gaunt isn’t attractive!

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