Jules Wainstein: I Learned I’m More Than Being a Wife


New RHONY star Jules Wainstein has been through a lot her first season on the show and when she discussed her first reunion experience with her friend Dorinda Medley backstage at WWHL, she had an interesting reaction to the experience.

“I liked the reunion. Is that weird? I kind of enjoyed it,” she told Dorinda.

“I actually learned something really important,” Jules said of her biggest takeway from the season. “I’m more than just being a stay-at-home mom. I learned that I am capable, like, I started a business. I’m more than just being a wife. I mean, understatement of the millennium.”

Jules is referring to her personal growth after announcing her divorce from her husband of eight years, Michael, who she caught cheating on her.

Wainstein admits she was the most turned off by Bethenny Frankel’s personalty and she almost thought about quitting the show after one of their confrontations.

“I just had enough. I’m open about my eating disorder but not when people talk about it behind my back in a nasty way. I didn’t make it the elephant in the room; they did,” Jules said of Bethenny and Carole Radziwill. “When you’re whispering behind my back, when you’re mocking me, when you’re asking me how much I weigh before the pizza arrives, it’s gonna make any normal person feel uncomfortable.”

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7 Replies to “Jules Wainstein: I Learned I’m More Than Being a Wife”

  1. Isn’t there a housewife out there that is being charged with some type of criminal behavior or something? Jules is a BORE!

  2. AWWWWW poor Jules. This is not the show for her. Actually, she shouldn’t be on ANY reality show. I hope her business takes off in a big way for her. She’s a bit naive and as my father constantly said to me, “wet behind the ears”.

    1. I agree she is a bit too fragile for reality TV. She shoild take care of her psychological and physical health first of all.

  3. I never understood her need for a nanny in her tiny apartment and with no job! She cannot do the most basic things, like make coffee. I think she is abusing prescription drugs, thus the need for a nanny. I found her account of her vagina injury very strange since she said she was climbing through a window. In a high rise? Her behavior is very, very strange most of the time and she is incapable of stringing together a cohesive sentence. Never cared for her strange little cheating man either.

  4. This girl is way too fragile for this show. She needs to stay home and focus on her kids who are now going to suffer due to the divorce.

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