Jules Wainstein Doesn’t Think Carole is Truly Happy for LuAnn


Jules Wainstein is happy not to be part of the Tom, LuAnn love triangle and that’s just what’s she’s talking about in her blog. She also calls BS on Carole being truly happy for LuAnn and teases what’s to come in this week’s episode.

“Welcome to Miami! Maybe it’s just the way I was raised, but if I accept an invitation to a celebration, I’m going with one agenda: to celebrate and honor the person or people whose happy occasion it is. Period. So while Carole was packing for her spy mission, Ramona was readying to clear the air with Luann, and Bethenny was plotting her next take-down, I was going shoe shopping! FYI, never found the aquasocks haha!

First stop, a visit to the parentals! Now that you have met my mom and dad, you know why I am obsessed with them. Two of the kindest souls you ever met, together in love for 36 years! Being raised in an unconditionally loving environment has given me the grounding and strength to get through anything…even the heartbreak of divorce. My heart breaks all over again watching the show now and listening to Jagger crying on the phone. I tried to brush it off in front of my parents, because I didn’t want them to be concerned, especially with my dad having just recently returned home from the hospital, but I broke down the minute I was alone. Protecting my kids is the single most important thing in my life.

Next stop, the “Ship of Fools” (thanks again for that Bethenny). It was great to see Luann literally glowing with happiness. Every woman deserves to feel that way, and the yacht was incredible. Carole “genuinely happy for her”? I have to call bulls— on that one, but that’s just my opinion. Kudos to Sonja for her grace under pressure. I’m not sure how many other women I know would act so selflessly and with such class in the same situation.

I’m happy to not be part of the Tom love triangle. Just the usual trying to make the best of our girls trip. TRUST me when I say I tried! Even I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see the next few episodes! Stay tuned…”

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7 Replies to “Jules Wainstein Doesn’t Think Carole is Truly Happy for LuAnn”

  1. Did you notice that when she was at her ‘parentals’ when she was face timing she leaned in and totally made it all about her..completely blocking out her parental…and she was totally ignoring her mom…
    Not sure about this one…seems to have more issues than just not eating

  2. Really Jules? Carole sure acted genuine to me. Luann said some really rough things about her & she’s put it behind her & that says a great deal about her character. Wondering though what does Bethenny know? sounds like deal breaker information. Sad as Luann has more bubbly than a case of champagne right now.

  3. I think Luann is desperate & he’s playing a role. He is 50 yrs old, never been married, serial dated, yet he meets Lu & boom! He’s running, not jogging to the chapel? Not so sure this is on the up & up. I don’t think Carole cares one way or the other about Lu’s happiness but at least she was polite & gave her a crystal with a curse on it. Just kidding about that last part.

  4. I think Carole is just showing good manners and being gracious although she realized from the start that LuAnn is a shameless social climber. Sonia, too, is being extremely nice.

    LuAnn is a pompous fool. Getting engaged to some guy you barely know is just stupid. And boasting about the size of the ring is tacky.

  5. Jules has a lot of baggage.Her cheating husband, Anorexia, ADHD, & she’s socially awkward. She can’t complete her sentences most of the time, I don’t knw if it’s over or that her Dr hasn’t figured out the rt dosage! She can’t take a joke bc she Bcomes paranoid. Speak ☝2Bethenny or Carole if U have an issue. They will have more respect 4U than going on a rant. It’s so tacky & cowardly.Jules U don’t like these 2gals bc U felt attacked. Fine! But U don’t Get 2say what’s in their hearts bc U don’t know! Not fair.

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