Jules Wainstein Divorce Update

Real Housewives of New York star Jules Wainstein was back in court this week with her estranged husband Michael as the former couple duked it out over their finances… or lack there of. Michael is claiming he is so broke that he can’t pay their children’s tuition or their family’s Uber bills and he’s blaming his client for his financial woes.

RadarOnline was inside the courtroom where the couple battled over their financial problems.

“Mr. Wainstein hasn’t paid $10,000 on September 30 of 2016 or $10,000 on Oct 28, 2016 for tuition for the children, utilities, Uber, transportation, nanny and weekly groceries,” Jules’ lawyer revealed. “No payments. He has not paid tuition. The Uber account shuts off and on. There is constant terminations of service for Time Warner Cable. Council stated in September on the record, that Uber would be paid.”

“We have tax returns that still haven’t been filed,” he said. “Look at his drafts once again. This year will be worse than 2015-2016, but it never says what 2015-2016 is. He said he’s applied for financial aid for the children, but no application. I doubt it’s been filed because I haven’t seen it. He tried to put it on my client that she’s holding things up. It was supposed to be done months and months ago.”

Jules’ lawyer told the judge they were concerned about Michael’s financial situation. “We wonder how he’s paying his expenses, he seems to be doing okay, living fine, not getting kicked out,” he said “He’s traveling to Florida, hosting diners. We believe he has another residence.”

Michael’s attorney countered Jules’ claims, telling the judge, “The September order did order him to pay Uber and utilities. They were paid. There is no proof they weren’t paid. That was connected to his mother’s credit card.”

But the judge took umbrage with Michael’s explanation, saying in court: “Allegedly he’s been to Florida twice, once to pursue a pilot’s license fee. I’m wondering if he’s curtailed his lifestyle and not complying with my orders. There is money available for certain things but not to comply. Why is he getting a pilot’s license, but not paying child support?”

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  • nycbunny123

    What a bum he is!

  • Michelle

    Oh dear!! I didn’t like him but it’s not cool how he’s treating his family now. Jules should have stayed on the show and earned a salary to look after her and her kids.

  • Aunt Bee

    This might drive poor Jules to drink. He is a creep. Feel sorry for the kids.

  • Cin

    I have a feeling they both are a couple of dingbats….

  • 80s gal

    wow! hope this shows his mistress what a real piece of sh*t he is. his kids are suffering through all this and he doesn’t care . way to go…father of the year