Judge sets Trial Date for Bethenny Frankel and Ex-Husband Jason Hoppy for Stalking and Harassment

RHONY star Bethenny Frankel and her ex-husband Jason Hoppy are going to come face-to-face in a courtroom on September 27. As you probably remember, Hoppy was arrested on stalking charges earlier this year.

“The D.A. wanted to dismiss it, and I refused,” Hoppy’s attorney, Alex Spiro, exclusively told RadarOnline at a New York courthouse.

In June, the judge warned Jason at a hearing that he needed to stay away from Bethenny. During the same hearing Jason was charged with two more counts of stalking.


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5 Replies to “Judge sets Trial Date for Bethenny Frankel and Ex-Husband Jason Hoppy for Stalking and Harassment”

  1. I hope that the judge slams Jason hard. He has done so much damage and has gotten away with so much it’s about time for him to be thrown into the slammer. He is the type that will get a huge fine thrown at him and then he will sue Bethanny to get her to pay for it. He has lost his mind, very scary. I would be worried every moment he spends with Bryn he could snap at any time.
    The judge told him to stay away from Bethanny and then he goes out and gets arrested 2 times after the judges orders. Does that sound like a sane person to you.

    Jason needs to feel the consequences of his actions. He needs to get the book thrown at him. The only problem is he does not get it and keeps messing with the courts. Please send him to jail, then Bryn has a chance if he is away from her for a while. Bethanny will be able to breathe and he can sit in jail hoping his cellmate Bubba doesn’t want to be his boyfriend.

  2. Praying for wisdom and favor for Jason Hoppy with the jurors! I also pray he can show that BF set him up to get back at him and remove him from her daughters life.. vicious little Troll! If I were him I would trot out the RHONY episodes of this “nutcase”going from “zero to one thousand” and back..the hysterical weeping.. blaming others and constant fighting! She PROVOKES people.. cant sustain friendships/or relationships.. inappropriately posts internet pics wearing her daughters pajamas.. bulimic! All these things point to someone who is pretty unstable emotionally and she really is a candidate for a psychiatric evaluation.. if he’s smart he’ll request one! That little girl needs her dad and his normal loving family!

  3. Bethnny goes off the rail at times & that’s only because she’s under so much stress from her mentally deranged ex of a sick husband. I see a good heart & I understand the main underlying cause of her erratic behavior at times.
    I hope this gets squared away soon so peace can be hers once more. Her struggle’s been too much.

  4. I don’t claim to know what actually goes on, only the accusations. But Bethenny was always the volatile one during the marriage that just couldn’t shake her bitterness and angst about her family of origin, and Jason was the calm one with a normal family. It’s hard for me to imagine that there isn’t more to this than the “fear” of him that Bethenny claims in an effort to keep him away from thier child.

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