Judge Rules Bank Can Evict Peggy Tanous From Home


A judge has granted a bank permission to take former Real Housewives of Orange County star Peggy Tanous’ home after five years of unpaid mortgage bills.

According to new court docs, U.S. Bank can now kick Tanous out of her Irvine, California home where she’s lived for the last eight years, despite a previous order that allowed Tanous to stay after filing for bankruptcy in 2013.

RadarOnline reports that U.S. Bank claims Tanous has missed the last 75 monthly payments of $6,000, and that she owes the institution $1.54 million, on a house that’s worth just just $840,000. Tanous also owes $300,000 to another bank on a second mortgage on the house she bought in 2006.

Court documents show Tanous’ annual income is $30,000 a year since she left the reality show in 2012. Her only income appears to be $2,500 in child support from her ex-husband Micah Tanous.

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10 Replies to “Judge Rules Bank Can Evict Peggy Tanous From Home”

  1. How the hell does someone stay in a home for 5 years without paying a dime of mortgage and I am assuming property taxes???? How???? insane!

    1. Nobody wished it on her – she did it herself! Who thinks it’s okay to stay in that expensive house for five years and not pay a dime? These women think they are entitled to everything they want, and they don’t care who else has to pay for it.

  2. What is with these women. Does Bravo just find women who are really vulnerable offer them a lot of money and tell them to pretend to live a luxurious life yet all of them dont have a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of.
    Remember DC housewives when Michael Salahi said they borrowed a house to film their video they sent into Bravo to get on the show? Where was Teresa Living while they were building her mausoleum? We never saw that house. I just don’t get it. So many of these HW’s are living a life they cannot afford… Alexis renting a house but they are paying cash for the next one? Peggy Tanous broke, Michael Salahi broke (the only reason she got on the show was she and her disgusting husband got into the white house which Bravo was probably salivating about. Lynn Curtin broke, Cindy Bar??? NY HW broke, Slade Smiley (douche) All these people I just cannot think of more but there are more names. Just gross.

    1. You’re right! And I remember reading the financials on the Giudice’s and with their income they should have been living in a trailer park. Their previous home was a lower middle class house. The Bravo salary wasn’t enough to justify that tacky monstrosity at the time, and neither was Joe’s income.

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