Judge Orders Joanna Krupa To Hand Over Gynecological Records In Lawsuit Against Brandi Glanville

The defamation lawsuit between Joanna Krupa and Brandi Glanville is still going on and a judge gave Krupa the go ahead to go for punitive damages in the case.

This means she and her lawyers have to determine how much money Brandi has. The financial documents will give the judge a clearer picture of how to punish Brandi if she loses the suit.

TMZ reports, in the docs, Joanna requests Brandi’s balance sheets, bank accounts and tax returns, plus any gifts valued at over $1,000.

A judge is also ordering Joanna to hand over her gynecological records to help prove or disprove the smell of her vagina, as Brandi originally alleged.

A judge signed the order to get Krupa’s gynecological records from 2000 to 2005. According to the docs, Joanna also has to produce any correspondence with Lisa Vanderpump, Mohamed Hadid and Andy Cohen that relates to the case.

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12 Replies to “Judge Orders Joanna Krupa To Hand Over Gynecological Records In Lawsuit Against Brandi Glanville”

  1. Well, now I’ve heard everything. Really? I don’t know how legal it is for a judge to order medical records in something that is not quite a medical case. Medical records should be kept private.
    So, if a physician examined her at the time and detected a foul smell from what most likely was an infection, it would make Krupa have to admit she had this condition. If so, does that prove that Brandi heard what she said she heard? If it is true, then Krupa should back out of this suit, because if her records show she had this condition, she would look worse than she does now in my opinion, and it would make Brandi right. Either way it is absolutely crazy.

    1. As absurd as it is, the smell of her downstairs is technically medical. It makes sense that the judge would ask her to disprove this because if she cannot, then legally Brandi isn’t at fault for making a “factual” claim. I just can’t believe how far the judge is taking this high school she-said-she-said case this far.

  2. BaaaWaaHaaa
    I knew there was a good reason I liked you!!

    What would the resume of a “Testicle Sniffer” look like ?

  3. I so agree…..don’t you think you would want it all to disappear and forgotten? It just keeps going and going and reminding people. I had forgotten!! Now its back in my head again………………

  4. Oh for the love of God! why doesn’t the judge just spread Joanna legs, take a whiff and be done with this ridiculous case. lol

  5. I agree Rain. Brandi should have apologized a long time ago. look how much legal and financial headaches she has caused herself over this.

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