Joyce Giraud Says Carlton Gebbia Was Rude And Hypocritical


Joyce Giraud is taking to her Bravo Blog to call out Carlton Gebbia for her behavior. Joyce says she never knew Carlton disliked her until she read rude comments in her blog. Joyce says she can’t stand the double standard Carlton has about what Brandi says vs. some of the other women. She felt like no matter what Kyle did Carlton wouldn’t have been okay with it.

Joyce writes, “When I saw the episode, I was shocked at Brandi’s audacity to tell Lisa that “they” (aka the girls in the limo) were making fun of her faint when she was the one who made the most fun of it. This raised a red flag for me with Brandi, but I still gave her the benefit of the doubt because just one incident isn’t enough to make a real opinion on someone.
After what she told Lisa, I can see why Lisa was upset and very distant with me. There was a small “incident” that happened while Carlton was giving us a tour of her home and In that moment I thought Lisa was being rude or dismissive but after watching how Brandi set it up I can completely understand Lisa not being so warm towards me.

When we arrived at Carlton’s house I thought it was gorgeous! Very grand and goth! She was very nice and opened the gift I brought her. I bonded with her beautiful nanny and her friend AC and I never thought Carlton had a problem with me so you can understand how her comments in her interviews are a shock to me. . .even a bit hurtful coming from someone who NEVER told me she had a problem with me. I know we all went through this journey, but the blogs are written now and to be so mean and judgmental is uncalled for, especially from a person who says she hates labels. She was quite quick to label me on day one in her blog (never to my face).

After I saw the first episode the first thing I did was call Carlton. We had a great conversation; she told me she adored me and she had my f–ing back 100 percent.

I wish she would’ve told me how she REALLY felt at any given time. Perhaps it would be easier to swallow than to hear someone saying such unpleasant things about you when they smile to your face.

It’s just very hypocritical and an extreme double standard how Brandi can call her a “C U Next Tuesday” and she smiles. She is basically OK with such an ugly word even when referred directly to her and doesn’t even care that Brandi made a very mean comment about her husband David, but any little thing Kyle says she’s very quick to attack. At least she attacked Kyle openly. She’s only attacked me behind my back.

I thought Kyle’s question (“Were you raised Catholic, because you have all the crosses?”) was very valid given that the house is almost church-like — with an uncountable amount of crosses, an altar, and even a confessional booth. When people meet, it’s small talk. It doesn’t mean Kyle was trying to be offensive or provocative. At least I didn’t see it that way. What I did see was how rude Carlton’s reaction was.”

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