Joyce Giraud Says Brandi Glanville Always Plays The Victim


Joyce Giraud is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to open up about her friendship with Kyle Richards. Joyce says she can be unfiltered around Kyle and she always has fun. Joyce also calls out Brandi Glanville for “twisting the truth” when it came to the Lisa incident, and says Brandi is the type of person who is always the victim.

Joyce writes, “Kyle invited me to get a facial with Carina. At first I told her I wasn’t sure because I normally don’t do facials (as they make me break out), but I’m very happy I went because we had a blast. Carina and her gorgeous daughter are the sweetest; so loving and welcoming! I was slightly freaked out when I saw them put the “Hannibal Lecter” mask on Kyle. Though it looked painful, I promise it didn’t hurt — just felt like a tingling sensation.

Kyle is fun and bubbly, so she makes me feel like I can be open and unfiltered with her. That’s why I explained the silly incident with Lisa to her. I still can’t believe that, as always, Brandi tried to twist the truth after stirring the pot to shift the responsibility away from herself. Unfortunately, she is one of those people who ALWAYS plays the victim and believes nothing is EVER her fault. Nevertheless, back then I wasn’t entirely aware of this, so I still wanted to get to know all the ladies and, as you saw, decided to invited all of the girls on the trip I was planning to Palm Springs.”

Photo Credit: Bravo