Joyce Giraud Says Brandi Is Classless And Not Funny, Unhappy Kyle Richards Told Ladies Her Father Passed Away


Joyce Giraud is taking to her Bravo Blog to answer viewer questions from Twitter about Brandi Glanville. Joyce says Brandi is classless and not funny and explains that Brandi takes every opportunity she can to disrespect her. Joyce also defends Lisa Vanderpump from the other women’s comments and reveals that she is no longer as close with Kyle Richards. Joyce shares she was unhappy Kyle revealed to the other ladies that her father had passed away.

Joyce writes, “I also want to take advantage of this platform to answer something lots of you have been asking. For those who’ve asked me on social media how I feel about the fact that Brandi uses every chance she can to try to disrespect me, all I can say is that she is a classless person who thinks everything she says is OK and funny. Apparently she has no friends to tell her that making racial remarks, backstabing all her fellow Housewives, making horrible remarks about other woman (Joanna Krupa and Kenya Moore), and talking crap in all the interviews that are meant to be about her book are not OK. . .Sorry Brandi! Your card is overplayed and you have zero comedic timing! You are not funny and since I learned to take things from the source. . .Knock yourself out and keep proving me right.

This week we begin with Carlton talking to Yolanda about how much she hates labeling and judging. Slightly crazy, since she’s the first one to label everyone, and she’s the first one to judge others simply for asking her questions. I don’t know what she has been through in life, but at this point I feel sorry for her paranoia.

Kyle came to my house to tell me about the disaster dinner at Lisa’s. Then she showed me something that mysteriously showed up in her computer and was slightly freaky. She was concerned about Carlton’s negativity so I told Kyle she should talk to Carlton about it. I gave her some holy oil my mother sends me all the time so she could put it on and feel blessed.

At that point Brandi and I had no problems (or so I thought). That’s why when Kyle told me she had invited her on my Puerto Rico trip I was fine with it. Had I known what she was planning and all the crap she was talking behind my back, I would’ve told her she was NOT invited.

Watching Brandi talk to Kim, yet again, was a bit frustrating. If she had such a strong, negative feelings about Lisa, and if she was so scared of her she should’ve spoken directly to her face instead of telling everyone over and over except the person in question — especially considering the fact that she prides herself in being “honest.” But we all know by now that’s just her perception of herself, but that there is nothing honest about her.

Moving on to Gigi’s goodbye party. . .It was such a beautiful party! I cried watching Gigi give her toast. I know she will do great in New York and I’m looking forward to seeing her bloom. Mohamed and Yolanda are rightfully proud of her, and I pray that when my two young boys reach her age they will be as well educated and gracious as Gigi.

During that time, I unfortunately had to cancel many events, but this one in particular I was very sad to cancel, as I really like Mohamed and Gigi is a total sweetheart.

But as you all now know; the reason I have been so MIA in the past few episodes is because I was going through a very difficult family moment. I was flying back and forth from Puerto Rico to be with my father in his final days, to be able to say goodbye and to grieve with my family.

The only person in our group that knew what was going on was Kyle, as she was the one I was closest to. I must say I was very upset and disappointed when she decided to tell the other girls, as I had asked her to not say anything to any of them.

I DID NOT want my father’s death and my grieving to be a topic and I for sure didn’t want a pity party from the other girls.

Initially I wanted to cancel the trip, but I won’t go into further details as you will all see it in next week’s episode.”

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6 Replies to “Joyce Giraud Says Brandi Is Classless And Not Funny, Unhappy Kyle Richards Told Ladies Her Father Passed Away”

  1. I have been a superfan of Brandi for the last two seasons, but this season… she kinda destroyed it. And everyone knows it, she has dropped on almost everyone’s list.

  2. Joyce, please do not get dragged into all of this and try to maintain your own dignity. It must be very difficult, it seems worse than high school but you just may have to say ” you may be right” and walk away. It costs u nothing

  3. Joyce, Im so proud of you, you represent us “Puerto Ricans” well. You are classy, beautiful and you keep it real. Don’t mess with a BORICUA!!

  4. I am very sorry to hear of your loss. Losing ANY loved one is hard, but there is something especially hard about losing a parent. I know when I lost my father, I wanted to just grieve and remember the good times I had had with that parent, not to worry about someone (Brandi comes to mind) trashing the entire experience. Joyce, you are a real lady, something I wish would rub off on several others on the show. I know your father is very very proud of his beautiful (inside and out) daughter. May our God be your strength in this time of pain Joyce.

  5. I thought that dinner in Puerto Rico was one of the meanest mean girl drunken bitch brew hahaas I have ever seen. All of the ladies allowing the cannon to just completely explode like that at someones table. And Carlton, hypocrite comes to mind. Picking at every little thing Kyle says, and BG can say and do anything but that’s OK because you want her in your next threesome. I am so glad she never was seen again, maybe she is in a circle in the woods with a big robe on dancing around a steaming brew of hate in the middle?

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