Joyce Giraud “Pissed Off” At Bravo Over Opening Tagline


New Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Joyce Giraud has a bone to pick with Bravo’s producers. She is upset at the opening tagline they gave her and says she did not pick it and it doesn’t represent her. “Obviously, they have to condense a lot of footage to one hour, so it’s hard to do,” Joyce tells Entertainment Weekly about how she comes across in the Season 4 premiere. “You don’t see much of me until the third episode. I do wish that in certain scenarios you would get more of the backstory, so you can understand more.”

“I’m already upset at my tagline because it’s not me, and I didn’t pick it,” she adds. “I’m really pissed off that they would pick a tagline that doesn’t describe me.” Joyce’s tagline is, “In Beverly Hills, they say you can never be too young, too thin, or too rich.”

“They give you all these taglines, and you take them, and then they pick,” Joyce says. “Here I am as a newbie, playing ball and taping what you’re telling me to tape. But I’m asking you to not pick this, and you pick it,” she reveals. “I was bullied as a young girl for these things you’re putting in my tagline: I grew up feeling ugly, feeling bad about myself for being too skinny.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • anonymous

    This one leaves me scratching my head in wonder. She recorded that line, so she obviously had no problem with it when it was presented to her. All she had to do was assert her dislike of that one tagline when it was presented to her and not record it.

    Further, I predict that her statement, “Here I am as a newbie, playing ball and taping what you’re telling me to tape.” will get her fired. She is telling the world that yes, there is NO reality in the HWs, the HWs are following scripted direction.

    • anonymous

      Do you really think they gave her a choice when they asked her to repeat the line? BTW, everyone knows that very little of the Real Housewives is actually real. Now, I really do think Teresa Guidice is a manipulative psycho who tried to take Melissa down by getting her thug “friends” to spread false rumors about her. Teresa is insecure and dumb and clearly threatened by everyone so the tension with her and the NJ cast mates was likely true. I believe Kyle Richards really did have Faye Resnick doing her dirty work last season. I’m pretty sure the scenes and social gatherings are all scripted though.

  • Kelton Bynes

    oh noooo. bye joyce, she will prolly not return for season 5 🙁

  • Melodie

    Get over it Joyce this is not the first nor will it be the last of things said about you. You opted into this menagerie and you put yourself out there for people to comment about. If you did not understand that when you joined then your more delusional than the other HW’s – Welcome to the life and times of the Real Housewives

  • FTLHouqsewife

    Wow, I naively thought each housewife thought up their own tagline. Well, Joyce. unfortunately, you made a rookie mistake. I didn’t think it was that bad. You shouldn’t have brought it up. It wasn’t that bad.