Joyce Giraud: Kyle is Being Influenced By The Wrong People


Joyce Giraud is taking to her Bravo Blog to reveal she believes that Kyle Richards is being influenced by the wrong people. Joyce shares she’s gotten very close to Lisa Vanderpump and was shocked that Kyle was able to believe Brandi over Lisa when it came to #tabloidgate. Joyce couldn’t believe how Yolanda treated Ken and says he is her hero.

Joyce writes, “I like both Kyle and Lisa. I like Kyle because she was open and kind to me at the very beginning when the other ladies were giving me their backs. I like Lisa because I’ve gotten to know her. She is very supportive and I I look up to her. After the Puerto Rico trip, I advised Kyle to really look at who instigated what. As much as I like Kyle, I do believe she was being influenced by the wrong people.

The recap of the lunch was extremely telling: Brandi was the one who brought up the tabloid rumors in front of everybody and Yolanda gave it credence by saying: “There is no smoke without fire.” The only one at the luncheon to squash the tabloid rumors and said it was all nonsense was Lisa. And after all, the thing we should be questioning was who bought the tabloids in the first place and why? And who told Kyle about the rumors before the magazines even came out? That was Brandi! So for Kyle to believe Brandi (considering her track record of lying and creating drama for shock value) over Lisa doesn’t make sense.

I told this to Kyle on multiple occasions as I didn’t understand how she was believing every word Brandi said after Brandi had tried to talk crap about both Kyle and Kim to me from the beginning. I told Kyle what I thought because that is what friends do. I also told Lisa I believed she needed to be strong and confront the situation. I thought she needed to tell Brandi in front of Kyle that she was flat out lying. But after speaking to her more detailed about everything, I do understand how hurt she was and why she chose to simply walk away.

The entire Scheana thing remains ridiculous! I have now met her on multiple occasions and she has been nothing but sweet. People make mistakes — that’s what makes us human.

I saw Brandi and Scheana talk and agree to move on and get past their differences. I’ve seen Brandi being “nice” to Scheana (or at least “fake-nice,” since I have experienced first hand that Brandi mastered that art). Brandi was “over” the Scheana issue. For her to now bring this up out of left field simply in order to find another contrived reason to attack Lisa, is vicious and lame at the same time. Lisa has been a great friend to Brandi. She even defended Brandi’s inexcusable behavior to me earlier in the season.

I do feel Carlton should have stood up stronger for Lisa. At the time of the Beverly Hills Anniversary Party, she was the one who had the full inside from Lisa about what happened at the beach in Puerto Rico and she was the one with Lisa at Brandi’s house when the alleged incident with the tabloids happened. I understand that it was a difficult situation for Carlton, as she likes Lisa but also has a strong relationship with Brandi. Nevertheless for the woman who loves to scream and swear, she seemed too tame and friendly with Brandi and Yolanda after Lisa poured her hear out to her about the attack.

Ken is my hero of the episode. A man who defends his lady is a true prince. I personally wouldn’t take it any other way. I understand why he was upset from the beginning of the party. I admire how he stood up for his wife, defended his friendship with Mauricio, and told him flat out that the accusations were false. And, above all, I admire that he was not giving the Hollywood hypocritical kisses to everybody. He let them know what he thought about their behavior.

The most painful to watch was that Ken barely even touched Yolanda when she swatted him away. My husband and I didn’t see the alleged aggression when it occurred. After Ken and Lisa left, Yolanda was shaking like a leaf, almost crying, and saying that she had never had a man put his hands on her. This became a big deal at the party and Carlton, Kyle, and myself were all shocked and felt genuinely sorry for her — to the point where my husband gave Yolanda his jacket. Now that I have seen the “abuse” and it looks much more like Ken just reaching for her hand, I can’t believe she would go to such lengths and try to assassinate his character.”

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5 Replies to “Joyce Giraud: Kyle is Being Influenced By The Wrong People”

  1. OMG the above picture of CArlton looks like evil personified. She is soooo creepy. Joyce I agree with everything you said here. You are the voice of reason and you see things more objectively than the others. I too like Lisa and Kyle but these two should talk alone without interference from the pot stirrers.
    Maybe just those two and Ken and Mauricio should go somewhere private where no one can find them and straighten this brandimess out.

  2. Actually, Joyce, it wasn’t Yolanda who made the “…smoke…fire…” comment. It was Lisa. Watch the tape. At first Lisa was trying to quash the conversation, then Yolanda made some comment and Lisa responded with “So what you’re saying is that there’s no smoke without fire.” And Yolanda said “yes”.

    Having said that, I agree that Kyle should have known not to believe a lying liar like Brandi. I also agree that Queen Yolanda was blowing out of proportion what transpired between her and Ken.

    As far as Lisa’s relationship with Scheana…that’s really none of Brandi’s business. I don’t care what happened between her and Eddie. Lisa had nothing to do with it. And Brandi needs to grow up if she thinks that Lisa can’t be friends with more than one person. She has no right to demand that Lisa drop Scheana if she wants to be friends with Brandi.

    Re: Carlton…she’s irrelevant.

  3. Joyce is an idiot. Why would Carlton get into a screaming match with anyone over a fight that isn’t hers to fight?? That is for Lisa to do, not Carlton.

    I think it is insightful that Lisa poured her heart out to Carlton when she did. I think that Lisa is really good at getting others to do her dirty work and keeping her hands clean. Lisa probably hoped that Carlton would fight with Yolanda, Kyle, and Brandi on her behalf.

    And, Joyce, Lisa doesn’t like you. She is friends with you be default. The HWs she wanted to be friends with are not getting along with Lisa right now. Open your eyes Joyce and fight your own fights and stay out of Lisa’s.

  4. So Yolanda is the real culprit! I don’t care what anyone else thinks about Joyce, I like her. I just wish she wouldn’t discuss the size of her husbands hardware.

  5. Joyce love you girl! So proud that you are representing yourself in such a rational manner! I agree dwith you regarding Lisa and Ken but I think that Kyle is milking the situation to manipulate everyone against Lisa! I think Kyle is still the master manipulator in all of the seasons! Her sister Kim is a messy side kick and so very vindictive! As for Brandi all she had going for herself was ghe shock value of her mouth but in this season that has provdn to have gotten old. Enough of Brandi already, be gone! Yolanda is so jealous of Lisa that her ex husband along with his new wife apparently showed in how they acted and addressed the fact that he hoped you and your children were ok and what a beautiful family when you complained that you cancelled going to her party that night. Then you can see how her ex husband’s wife looks at Yolanda when she complains about Lisa’s party for Ken & Mauricio! Yolanda is pure evil!

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