Joyce Giraud Joins RHOBH Cast!


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have gotten a new cast mate! It’s Joyce Giraud, second runner-up in the 1998 Miss Universe pageant. An insider tells RadarOnline Joyce “has started filming” with the other women. “Joyce is going to make an excellent addition to the cast,” the source adds.. “She has it all: looks, brains … and Joyce is feisty. Joyce is married to successful movie producer, Michael Ohoven, and they have two young children together.”

“Joyce is a straight shooter, so it will be very interesting to see how the rest of the cast reacts to her,” the insider adds.

Photo Credit: IMDB


One Reply to “Joyce Giraud Joins RHOBH Cast!”

  1. Oh, this one will eat Brandi’s lunch and if Lisa isn’t careful, she’ll devourer her too, if they piss her off. Vyle is in the outs with these ladies and will remain in the outs until she starts changing her way of being and start being honest and stop playing the victim role, attention getter. Kim should be OUT, PERIOD. I hear the new lady has a temper on her… We shall see.

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