Joyce Giraud: I Feel Sad For Brandi Glanville


Joyce Giraud is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss her first Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion experience. Joyce admits by now she just feels sad for Brandi Glanville, but reveals she believes Yolanda and Brandi’s motives were to attack Lisa at the reunion.

Joyce writes, “By now I just feel sad for Brandi. Instead of thanking God for all her blessings, she is the eternal victim that continuously back stabs everyone in her life.

As you all saw. . .I let her speak and finish what she had to say, but as usual she doesn’t repay me with the same kindness she receives and cut me off every time I was speaking. I guess no matter how many books you sell, you can never buy class.

Since you haven’t seen everything that happened, let me fill you in: First of all Brandi’s clear agenda was to yet again attack Lisa, and her second agenda was to try to shut me up. She didn’t want to let me speak as she knew I was speaking the truth! Asking me if I do everything everyone tells me to do is ridiculous, considering she has experienced firsthand that I am not easily persuaded and I’m no one’s puppet.

She first tried to talk crap about Kyle (I stopped her), then she made a big deal about the hair incident telling Yolanda (when I specifically asked her to not tell anyone). Then Yolanda brought it up at that lunch, which we have so much discussed but have never seen (I hope one day you get a chance to see it!).

It took three attempts of Yolanda asking me why I didn’t want to talk about Lisa for me to even tell her what had happened. After talking about it. . .I had to tell Lisa as I wasn’t going to allow her to find out many months down the road that we had talked about her at lunch. If I talk about someone I like to address it with the person in question. Then Brandi lies, yet again, about the fact that she called me to “warn” me about Lisa. Saying I needed to be careful with her because she can give criticism but she cant take it. Funny since that is exactly what Brandi is claiming now!

Regarding me “settling” for my husband. What I told Brandi and have always thought is: First of all my husband is not short, he’s tall and handsome. She doesn’t need to find him attractive as he isn’t her husband, he’s mine! And she could only wish to “settle” for a man like my husband. If settling is waking up to a man that loves you, a man that respects you, a man who shares your views in life, a man that is a great father, and a man that treats you like a queen — then I would settle any day of the week.
I hope for her sake that she one day find a man even half as great as mine who she can “settle” with. Perhaps that would take her out of her misery.

I hated that Brandi and Yolanda’s M.O. was to attack Lisa. Every time I tried to defend Lisa, Yolanda tried to shut me up. Her saying Lisa is a “Hollywood friend” for being busy is the most ridiculous thing in this planet. True friends DO NOT NEED TO SPEAK EVERY DAY! True friends are the ones who no matter the distance or the time that passes by when they talk on the phone or see each other they pick up right where they left off. I don’t even know why Lisa apologized for it, since the reality is we were all together two to three times a week.

I never (not once) heard Lisa say anything negative about Yolanda. Yet in our very first one-on-one, Yolanda was quick to talk about Lisa.  I’m sure she was surprised to see I was not going to be a wallflower and a little girl she could sway in whatever direction she pleased.”

Photo Credit: Bravo