Joyce Giraud Chose Not To Participate In Lady Gaga Video


As we previously reported, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills starred in Lady Gaga’s new music video G.U.Y.. Noticeably missing were two of the Housewives, Joyce Giraud and Brandi Glanville. While Brandi revealed she was out of town at a prior commitment when the group filmed with Gaga, Joyce made a conscious decision not to do the video.

“Joyce chose not to do the video,” an insider close to Giraud tells US Weekly. “She didn’t want to. She was asked, but it was after the reunion and Joyce was over it.”

Photo Credit: Artpop Entertainment


5 Replies to “Joyce Giraud Chose Not To Participate In Lady Gaga Video”

    1. Yeah, that’s Yoyce…..such a woman with integrity & class. R u joking ing RHAddict? We r talking about a broad who stars on a Real Housewives program. Integrity, class, honesty …. These are a few words that DO NOT come to mind when I consider ANY of these women from (pick a)franchise. Lol.

    1. Apart from by not appearing means that people were wondering where she was. Well, they were Brandi, people probably never even noticed Joyce was missing.

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