Joyce Giraud And Carlton Gebbia Being Fired From RHOBH?


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have wrapped season 4 and now it’s time for producers to decide if they will be making any cast changes for season 5. TMZ is reporting that sources say they are 95% sure new Housewives Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia will be fired by Bravo. The site reports they’re just not involved enough in the series’ story lines to justify their coveted spots in the cast.

Sources tells TMZ that it became obvious to producers Joyce and Carlton didn’t have what it takes when they weren’t jiving during the reunion show taping earlier this month. All the other women had great chemistry … and Joyce and Carlton were clearly outsiders.

The feeling isn’t mutual for Carlton Gebbia, who tells TMZ she would love to return to the show next season.

Insiders say Bravo is already looking for their replacements.

Do you want to see Bravo fire Joyce and Carlton?

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45 Replies to “Joyce Giraud And Carlton Gebbia Being Fired From RHOBH?”

  1. mmm both can stay kim needs to go if i had to choose between them id like to see joyce back carlton can go go gooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. Bravo is firing the wrong people !! Kim n Kyle need to go n so do Brandi n Yoyo. Then you will see viewers coming back plus new ones. Mark my words. For once listen to the viewers. We’re the ones watching . OR NOT!

  3. Carlton, YES! I would like to see her gone. Take Kim, too!

    Joyce? No way! She’s sweet, beautiful and doesn’t take **** off of anybody! Don’t fire Joyce!

  4. Carlton needs to go. She is a dispicable human being Ever since she shook her rear end in her mother-in-law’s face when Carlton was trying on bathing suits, I have disliked her. She lacks respect for her family. She is vulgar and offensive. Would imagine her children would be ashamed and embarrassed.

  5. No brainer regarding the firing of Car…ton .. I My preference… keep Kyle, Kim, Lisa, Joyce and get rid of the other ding bats….

  6. Sorry Teresa I have to disagree. I cannot even watch the scenes that Carlton is in. She is a disturbed person. Or at least the way it is edited makes her look judgmental, clearly a trouble maker. My friends and I don’t like her at all. Joyce is fine. I don’t want anyone to lose their job but she is a channel changer in our book.

    1. Joyce is like being blasted by rap music. Her mouth is always open. She never lets anyone get a word in. At least Carlton lets other people talk. Joyce is not worth watching. She brings nothing to the show. What brings viewers is controversy and feuds.

    2. I absolutely agree with you. Love carlton, she’s real. And it’s a reality show people, and people in this world are just like that!! Not everybody that has money is so stuck up and fake!! Joyce is boring, Kim ain’t all they’re in her head!!!

  7. Carlton DEFINITELY needs to go!!! I’m not sure Joyce has had enough time to really “show” herself & develop friendships yet!
    I, for one will NOT be back if Carlton stays!

  8. Oh please oh please hand Carlton’s broom back to her and let her fly home swooosh.

    Give Joyce another season to gain momentum and experience. She has a heart and a moral compass.

  9. I can’t say I am surprised. Even though I’m one of the few fans of the show that are okay with Carlton, I don’t think she offers a whole lot. And Joyce is kinda awkward and tries too hard at times. But I think they need to kind of revamp the whole cast anyway – maybe just bring back Lisa, Kyle, and Yolanda next season?

  10. Get rid of Carlton she just starts Drama. She acts like she is paranoid. I’m sick of Brandi. She doesn’t know how to act like a lady. Throw in another new Housewife.

  11. You only need to check the comments on the casts’ blogs and Facebook page to know that viewers overwhelmingly want Brandi, not just thrown off, but catapulted off the show. I think these rumors are put out there by producers, in an effort to try and take focus off of Brandi. They know she is absolutely despised more than any other. Even so, I have no doubt that the producers will disrespect the audience (as they always do) and fire the wrong one.

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble but Brandi isn’t going anywhere. It’s called interest in the business and she generates it – both good and bad, people FEEL when she is on screen. In comparison, Jacqueline er Yoyce brings nothing.
      Brandi’s 2nd novel is (once again)on the NY Times Best Seller list. Why exactly would Bravo dump a woman whose successful and interesting from their show? They wouldn’t.

      1. I wonder exactly how financially successful she can be when she can’t even pay back her ex the $$$ he overpaid her? And I wonder how she measures her success on the show when the vast majority of viewers despise and ridicule her? A show’s success is measured by ratings and its been widely reported that ratings for RHOBH is below expectations. Brandi’s success in her personal life, well, if you believe anything she writes in her book, also seems like a massive failure with one empty, meaningless hook up after another and she remains alone and rejected to this day. Sorry to burst YOUR bubble, but when you look at all those factors, I can hardly consider Brandi, er Tampon String, to be a success story.

  12. They should get rid of Kyle, Kim, and Brandy instead. They’re too negative and boring. Yes, Brandy is boring! We all know what she’s going to do next.

  13. YES! Hallelujah, this is the same rumor I’ve heard from a fairly reliable source.
    Carlton is just too creepy.
    Yoyce…dear God, Yoyce. An idiot minus the savant part. She is a failure when it comes to acting (pathetic “movie” roles courtesy of chubby-hubby, reality show loser). Bravo unhappy with her inability to connect on anything. She & hubby have zero chemistry. Boring lifestyle with few friends/family. Overall snoozefest in gaudy clothes.
    Thrilled. Goodbye Jacqueline.

  14. Oh bravo—please take the twit (bitchard) sisters, tampon string brandi and lemonhead ——
    yolanda (call CNN I have lyme disease), kim (I need more drugs / alcohol mentally disturbed), kyle (backstabbing vicious 2 faced wannabe mean GIRL)–and brandi (otherwise known as tampon string) -the lying drunk shit stirrer——————please take these losers tooooo…….

  15. I do not want to see Calton any more because I dislike the way she treats people. Her attitude is quite unpredictable then let me confuse her position towards those ladies.

  16. PLEASE DITCH the WHITCH! I cannot watch CARLTON and her gross inappropriate behavior. And when did Yolanda get mean? Was she always that way? Use to love her. NOT anymore? STILL love LISA and KYLE. BUT Brandi and Kim need to disappear!

  17. Get rid of Carlton..then join me in saying “ding dong the witch is gone, the wicked witch, the wicked witch, ding dong the wicked witch is gone…”

  18. Letting Joyce go would be a mistake. She needs another year to develop more of a storyline and a fanbase. I believe she can do it. She has the potential to become a favorite.

    Carlton and Brandy need to go. Period.

  19. Carlton is vulgar, paranoid, unattractive, and she was insecure around Kyle from the beginning. Bad choice to bring her on, Bravo! If she’s back next year I’ll tune out. Joyce is fine. May we trade scary Carlton for Camille?

  20. I already FF through all the Carlton scenes. I’ll be glad if she’s gone. If I see her next season, I will probably stop watching.

  21. Please get rid of that nasty witch! She is cruel and vulgar!! She has been so cruel to Kyle and Kyle has tried time and time again to befriend Carlton! She is a very ugly and negative person!!!!!

  22. I really hope this rumor is true. Carlton really needs to go. She has no sense of humor, she’s a hypocrite, argumentative, judgemental and insecure. She rubbed me the wrong way the whole season. She seems to be everything but happy. Kim should go too. I like Kim but she’s a little unstable.

  23. Carlton has to go. She ruined this season. She is nothing but a negative energy. She just wanted her ten minutes of fame. If she comes back I will not be watching hwobh anymore.

  24. Joyce is laughably insecure and weak. Boring, especially when she talks about her modeling and pageantry. Haha. Bye bye Joyce. At least the gothic one, Carlton isn’t weak….but she is annoyingly politically correct although putting on the dark bad girl image. Agreed, Kim has got to go…is she mentally ill or something?

  25. Joyce is laughably insecure and weak. Boring, especially when she talks about her modeling and pageantry. Haha. Bye bye Joyce. At least the gothic one, Carlton isn’t weak….but she is annoyingly politically correct although putting on the dark bad girl image. Agreed, Kim has got to go…is she mentally ill or something?

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