Joyce Giraud Can’t Believe Brandi Thinks She’s Jealous, Shocked By Yolanda’s Behavior


Joyce Giraud is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Joyce writes that she was shocked by Yolanda’s immature behavior about having teams and says that she cannot believe Brandi would think she is jealous of GiGi. Joyce writes, “At the very beginning of the episode we see Yolanda saying “I’m almost 50 years old. We don’t do teams. She then adds: “We are not in high school.” Wouldn’t it be great if she could keep her word. . .

Yolanda says she wanted to go out of her way to make her dinner beautiful — and she did prepare a dinner with fantastic food, a stunning setting, and excellent performers.

You finally see a bit of my “baby” aka my husband. I’ve always called him baby, and as it is not the most unique nickname I am sure many of you out there call your significant others baby. But my husband and my two boys are MY only babies.

I LOVE my husband. I feel lucky every day to have him in my life. He is my best friend and my soulmate and I always feel like I can tell him everything. No need of any filters. He loves me and accepts me just the way I am. Like I said. . .Romance is something that does come natural. When you are in love things are simply alive — you are madly in love. Still you always kindle that fire: We do date nights every week because after 10 years we still can’t get enough of each other. When you find that one special person that makes you feel like you can conquer any mountain together thats when you know you’ve found your soulmate.

At our date night dinner I was telling my baby everything that happened in Palm Springs. He was speechless to hear how bad things were. I just wish I would’ve gone to the beautiful Colony in Palm Springs with my children and my husband. We would’ve had an amazing time.

As I was filling him in I got so upset and said I should’ve probably said Brandi is a whore. . .I’m glad I didn’t. Even though she refers to herself as a one all the time and chooses to call me one. It’s such an ugly word towards any woman that I’m happy I didn’t call her that. Although I must admit my patience with Brandi is really reaching it’s limit. I can’t deny anymore that she is truly starting to anger me. But regardless how much I hate Brandi’s behavior and her hypocrisy; It really hurts me to see her pain because of the loss of beautiful Chica. Loosing a doggie is simply horrible. No matter how bad my relationship might be with someone, I will never wish anything like this even to an enemy and my feelings were with her during that difficult time.

Then we see Carlton with her beautiful nanny preparing a “playroom.” Even if perhaps it’s a bit intimate and awkward to prepare this for the world to see, I think its fine to have a playroom — if that floats their boat. The fact though that it is coming from the person who managed to act upset when my husband joked about the movie Failure to Launch and its reference to a naked room, seems more than double standard? You are really upset that other people joke about a naked room while you are making an entire sex room?

As we arrived at Yolanda and David’s home I expected a great night, and I was convinced that Brandi would not dare to provoke another scene at her friend’s house. It was simply too beautiful of a setting that I didn’t think anyone would be tacky enough to ruin the night.

When I met gorgeous Gigi I was talking to her about all her sensational pictures and photo shoots. As I said in the episode, Gigi is a gorgeous girl, inside and out. she is sweet and gentle. It was upsetting to see Brandi, yet again, trying to talk s—. Telling Gigi that I was jealous of her. And hearing her say that I am always jealous of anyone younger in the room is almost comedic — she must be trying to reflect herself in me. I am not a jealous girl. To the contrary I love to empower young girls! That’s why I created a pageant for stunningly beautiful girls to have a great platform. And many times when you come to my house I have up to 50 stunning girls (much younger than myself) at my house preparing them for the Queen of the Universe Pageant.

When Yolanda at the dinner table flat out proclaims that she has the “The Dream Team” was disheartening. Seriously? Weren’t you the same person who is preaching and spreading your wisdom that we are too old for teams and that you are not in high school? This is the behavior of a mean sorority girl. Let me teach you something about being a good host: no matter how beautiful your house and your table is set, if you invite your guest with the clear intention to make them feel second tier, this is classless and it is tasteless. Dream team? They are a NIGHTMARE TEAM! Thank God my husband tried to fix the situation and painted all of us non-dream-teamers a heart himself.

David was very sweet and tried to bring the groups and conversations at the table back together. He asked me to make a toast in Spanish and I certainly accepted the request of our gracious host. As I was making the toast Brandi interrupted me on multiple occasions. She even said “Shut the f— up we’re not in Miami” I don’t understand why Brandi always feels the need to attack me. I have tried so hard to understand and even justify her behavior at certain times but I’m fed up with her being so condescending. Watching the show I am realizing even more what a big hypocrite she is.

Watching Brandi ask my husband if he’s a baby or a man? At this point Brandi has met my husband once before for about two minutes at Kyle’s party. And she talks to him like this? Brandi. . .he is MY baby and MY man. And he is strong enough and successful enough that he loves my nickname and knows it comes from a place of great love. Stop being so jealous! Stop being so negative and maybe then you could find your own baby or whatever you prefer to call him. Focus on being happy. After all; Who wants to be around someone who is constantly judgmental, mean and drunk?

Lisa and I are in a much better place but just FYI. . . the attacks from Brandi were not funny.

On a brighter note. . .I did enjoy the fantastic tenors. My husband is a great opera lover and we had a great conversation with them afterwards. They are truly talented and were the highlight of the night.

My husband is very protective of me and as you could see he’s learning to know Brandi and was getting pissed off with her stupid comments. I DO believe she needs an intervention but obviously it’s not my job and I won’t make it my charity. Her “Dream Team” should demonstrate to be true friends and act.”

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  • Aunt Bee

    Dream team!!! They are the MEAN TEAM. Yolanda acts like she is above it all, the perfect hostess and then does a mean thing with the place cards. Says she did it without realizing it. -WHAT A BUNCH OF BULL – this bitch knows exactly what she was doing and I bet her husband was embarrassed by it. Y U. C. K

    • NanNan

      @Aunt Bea you said it all, and look at Joyce she is a beautiful lady while Brandi is a drunk, sleeps with anything, she proved that by kissing all over Carlton. So why would a woman with a handsome husband be jealous of that. My husband and I have been married 37 years and I always call him my “other half while I am the better half”… I am sure most have a nickname for their mate.

    • Anonymous

      I absolutly agree and Brandi had it out for Joyce from day one, jealousy!! I hope David was embarrased by his wife and her BFF Brandi interuppting Joyce while giving a toast and using her favorite f-bomb during the toast, that man has class and he probably needs to tell his wife to let the classless trash go!!

  • beth

    Brandi’s behavior is disgusting and hard to watch. I tune in this show for fabulous people and their fabulous lives. Lisa, Joyce and Yolanda are perfect, I don’t even mind Kyle anymore and Joyce has some cheek. Brandi is just uneducated, trash, seething with jealousy. She’s not entertaining and I hope they get rid of her.

  • yaya

    Aunt Bee, you rock!! I agree with you wholeheartedly! Yolanda KNEW exactly what she was doing with placecards, she and her hired help also KNEW the conversation they were having about enemies was inappropriate. Yolanda is like Lisa, the calculate and manipulate and strategize every move against Kyle, Kim and now Joyce. Brandi is a LUSH, plain & simple.

  • yaya


  • rchamp

    Um Joyce, you all are teams. Its obvious you clicked with Kyle and did not wait to pile on when you took Lisa to the side to tell her you didn’t like how she responded to you. You seem to forget you are a newbie, and though Brandi may be inappropriate she is right about you always “injecting” your story into whatever crisis is happening. Sometimes just being quiet is support. Also, lose the holier than thou attitude – Any woman who brags about her husband penis size at a party of people you just met is no “lady.” Your husband calls you his little girl because you act like a little girl, maybe that’s how you have to be for your husband and that’s fine, but spare me. Also, you are passive/aggressive like Kyle. Both of you can be vicious until its something that will benefit you or your family, for Kyle its Mauricio real estate and possible clientele, I haven’t figured your deal yet. Be a little girl for your “baby” but to the viewing audience, grow up and be a woman.

    • Good grief

      COMPLETELY agree, rchamp! I think calling your husband baby in front of respected adults could also be emasculating. Call him baby in private, or when you’re having an intimate conversation, but to address him as my baby instead of my husband when talking about him in the third person to me is over-compensation. Also overcompensation: gushing on and on and on about soul mates and how happy and perfect your life is SCREAMS trouble to me. It reminds me of Portia on rhoa who bragged and lectured on how to be a good wife and how great her marriage is so we should all just shut up and learn, and then she’s divorced within the year. Jacqueline, I mean Joyce, is beautiful but is phony and plastic.

      • Asha

        Brandi Glanville says racists remarks and has a racist point of view. Why is it that when the paparazzi approached Brandi about bullying because of Kyle’s comments, Brandi was only upset that the paparazzo made comments in front of Brandi’s children? When Joyce called Brandi a racist, Brandi stated that she and her family were now “in danger”?!

        Why is Brandi’s family in danger when the topic of controversy involves her perception of black people? Do black people have a tendency to retaliate in the form of violence against celebrities who make racist remarks? Brandi may have dated a black person and have a black girlfriend, but her views and canned assumptions are indeed racist!!!

        Brandi is so jealous of Joyce it is driving Brandi over the edge! Joyce’s exquisite beauty is effortless, yet all the syringes in the world could never make Brandi look anything more than desperate.

  • Luv In Chains

    I used to love Brandi. Felt bad for her when the bRitchards sisters ganged up on her on game night. But I don’t like that she is not loyal to Lisa and now she is kissing Kyle’s a$$ because it suits her purpose for now. Kyle was awful to her for nearly 2 seasons and now they have this great love for each other, I am not buying it.

  • gigi

    I used to like Brandi too. I think she forgets that she is a mother and not a teenager. Just wait until her boys grow up to see what a real peice of work she is… we all hope they don’t look for someone like their mother! T-R-A-S-H. Brandi, if you want respect- grow up!! And Yolanda, you USED to be the classy lady of the group, but your dinner party place cards just shows that you are as immature as Brandi. As a grown woman, why didn’t you just appologize???? That’s what a normal mother and grown woman would have done. Let’s hope Gigi doesn’t take the heart idea to her teenaged friends— Yolanda, sorry but you have joined the dreamteam of M-E-A-N-G-I-R-L-S

  • Readingthebeads

    If this is what wealth does to women, I’d rather not have it……

    Joyce, honestly. I understand neither you or your husband are from this culture. I really like you as a housewife and in every instance, I’ve seen your side of the conflict and in my opinion, Lisa, Yolanda and Brandi have treated you badly. HOWEVER, girl…..DO NOT CALL YOUR HUSBAND ‘MY BABY’ AT A FORMAL DINNER PARTY OR OUTSIDE YOUR OWN BEDROOM. GOOD GOD! You disrespected HIM in that instant and turned him into the butt of the joke.

    How about a little speech therapy? Learn to pause and breath between words. You are a talkamatic. And, again. I really like you more than the three DreamTeam. I hope you stay and Brandi goes.
    Brandi is jealous of any woman or girl (including GiGi…she just pretends to like her), she is an alcoholic, aging model (no doubt she slept her way to those gigs, she isn’t hot in any form or fashion). Brandi has to be the youngest, prettiest (in her own mind), well, unless she is hot for a lesbian fling with a self professed whore like Carlton.

    On to Carlton……good God. Bravo scraped the bottom of the barrel when they cast Carlton Gebbia. She is abrasive, unattractive, snobbish (with no right to be so) and she has a Holy Cross with F>>> YOU tattoo’d on her S&M body. I really think she is repulsive. Not very intelligent and no manners whatsoever. She calls herself and Architectural Designer. I can find no records of licenses or education to support that. And, based on her house, let’s just say as a Designer, amateur rings loud and clear in her taste.

    Now Joyce, you know I really like you. In America, we respect our husbands by not talking baby talk to them in front of others and we refer to them by name. So, from here on out, please call your husband Michael on the show, that baby stuff makes you look pathetic and desperate. OH…and we never discuss the size of our husbands penis. You almost lost me on those two episodes. I was one Tweet away from telling Andy Cohen to toss you.

    One more thing, your hair is way too long. You are too tiny, the hair is too big and what a mess it is! Good Lord, get a flat iron on that mess and lose a foot! Honey, your hair is bigger than your body. You can’t possibly think that’s sexy.

  • notatrehugger

    Someone needs to explain to Joyce that speaking Spanish when you are with a English speaking group of people is RUDE! Same for Yolanda and Joyce’s husband. You are in America speak English or at least save your foreign speaking conversations in a more private setting.

  • Aunt Bee

    To Notatrehugger: brandi’s friend spoke Spanish first and Joyce replied back to her in Spanish. I know Yolanda is Dutch but where is Michael from?