Joyce Giraud: Brandi Was Staging A Coup Against Lisa


Joyce Giraud is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to defend her new friend, Lisa Vanderpump. Joyce says that she was shocked by the way Brandi and Yolanda talked about Lisa when they were supposed to be friends. Joyce also shares that she  believes Brandi was staging a coup against Lisa to stay relevant.

Joyce writes, “OK…This week we see Yolanda going to Mohamed’s home to plan Gigi’s party. I frankly do not understand Yolanda’s jabs at Lisa. As she previously said on multiple occasions: Lisa was her great friend and part of her dream team. Now all of a sudden she uses every moment she can to throw some shade at her. I could see even Mohamed was uncomfortable with the way she was talking about Lisa.

Kyle, Mauricio, and Alexia were so cute! I love their family dynamic and their girls are the sweetest! I can’t believe Carlton would invite Mauricio to her in laws company party and uninvited Kyle. Really? like her husband is going to go without her!

Moving on to Carlton’s party: Seeing Brandi bashing Lisa to Kim was horrible!
Brandi bringing back something she had already discussed and resolved in a previous season was a pathetic attempt to stay relevant and was the beginning of what I saw as a coup against Lisa. Her very own dream team conspiring against her!
I was just as shocked to see this as you all must have been as I had no idea her BFFs would attack her.

I think they are all fighting to be the Queen Bee so they decided to attack Lisa.

Brandi saying Lisa was having her do her dirty work and having her say things is very contradicting, since she always claims to be honest and says no one can make her do anything she doesn’t want to do. Then Brandi says Lisa is worse than Bobby Fisher and that she’s playing the biggest chess game of all. Excuse me?!?”

Photo Credit: Bravo