Joyce Giraud: Brandi Glanville Is Pathetic And Despicable


Brandi Glanville’s racial remark was brought to light again when Kenya Moore appeared on Watch What Happens Live this week. Kenya told Andy Cohen Brandi was an idiot and an “a** clown” for her remarks to Joyce Giraud that she couldn’t swim “because she is a black person.” Brandi was on the show the next night calling Kenya “ashy” and “weird.”

Now, RumorFix has reached out to Joyce for a comment about the feud. “Brandi thinks about these digs to throw out there and hurt people. When the digs backfire, she suddenly says she was trying to joke. What she doesn’t realize is she is not funny,” Joyce says. “Her digs on race, on molestation, on calling other women a whore, like she did to Kenya, even backstabbing her BFF (Lisa Vanderpump) are pathetic and despicable.”

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  • Cin

    so true Joyce….. Brandi is a waste of time to watch…. Hope to see you next season!

  • I agree Joyce- yes Brandi is!! Wish they would take her off the sohow!

  • zzz BeGone zzz

    Joyce, you ROCK! Keep being honest, keep defending yourself against All of them, but also, don’t drag your arguments with these women unto blogs on a Continueous basis, we, the viewers get tired of reading the samething Over and Over. Also, if you can stop playing with your hair, would be appreciated. Thanks! Best wishes! lol

  • Cher Lavender

    I think you all need to grow up………Just because you have money you think you live above everyone else and you are entitled to special treatment…….we all say dumb things at one point or another….put your big girl panties on and suck it up……..let those who are free of sin cast the first stone………

    • VictoriaMature

      Joyce may be a well married pageant princess but she understands good manners. Calling a black woman “ashy” or using “you’re black” as an underhanded insult to a woman of color shows a shocking lack of cultural understanding & is disgustingly bad form. Joyce can be silly (ie cuss words & ignorance of gun use to fight bullying – wha ?) but she does not sink to using racially loaded, plainly mean comments against her perceived opponents. She does not seek to dig at, and hurt. My favorite Joyce comment was to a wailing “I’m so depressed” Brandi at the reunion. Without flipping her hair (thank you pageant princess) she responded with, “I’m sorry you’re depressed, (see – a little kind empathy first) but do you have to bring everyone else around down too?” Wow a grown up – I would have said – “suck it up, you self absorbed, chipmunk cheeked ratchet twit,” but I never got to princess in any of my pageants!