Joyce Giraud: Brandi Is Childish And Pathetic


Joyce Giraud is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss part 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. Joyce stands by her comments about Brandi Glanville, shares she doesn’t understand where Yolanda’s attitude comes from and defends Lisa Vanderpump.

Joyce writes, “While we are all part of a reality show that showcases the glamour, the sophistication, and the lives of the group of women in Beverly Hills; It shocks me to see the venom and the desperation of those who will do anything to sensationalize themselves for attention. Brandi continues to try to attack Lisa — all while saying she loves her. I for sure NEVER want to have someone love me that way. Someone who in the same sentence says “I love you, but I could destroy you.”

She has attacked my integrity, my marriage, my family, and everything about me (even my choice of dresses). It’s childish and pathetic. YES, I called her out on needing rehab and I FIRMLY stand by it. She needs better friends that will tell her when she’s taking things too far.

I FIRMLY believe she needs to STOP playing the victim card — The “I’m a poor single mother card.” It’s unfortunate that she has people like Yolanda hindering her and making excuses for her poor or lack of behavior.

Like I told Yolanda, I do have sympathy for everyone going through a depression.But what I have zero tolerance for is someone using depression as an excuse to treat others poorly!

Kindness is the language that even the deaf can hear.

I grew up with a poor single mother, a real hard working poor mother who had three jobs to put food on her children’s table. I know first-hand what depression looks like, as my mother was extremely depressed. But as I said in the reunion — not once did I see her use her depression or her circumstances in life as an excuse to treat others poorly or try to bring others down to her sadness. On the contrary; all I saw was a strong woman who worked very hard to give my brother and myself the best examples. She taught us that every job is honorable and that, no matter your circumstances in life, if you work hard you can achieve your goals.

Normally when someone is depressed, they have a hard time even getting out of bed. They aren’t partying, drinking, shopping, traveling. . .all while trying to treat others like crap.
So I’m sorry if Yolanda wants to make excuses for her “Dream Team” member, but I DO NOT have respect for Brandi playing the victim card.

There are mothers out there who struggle every day. Mothers who aren’t as lucky as she is to be able to live a fortunate life in the top percentile of the world. She doesn’t have to worry if tomorrow her children will be able to eat, have a good education, or healthcare. Perhaps if she wasn’t so self-centered and if she devoted even a little bit of her time to charity, she would realize how blessed she is and she would thank God instead of playing the victim.

I’ve said on multiple occasions that coming in to the show I was pleasantly surprised with some of the ladies, as I thought I wouldn’t like them solely based on what I had seen of them in the previous seasons. I honestly thought I would like Brandi and I thought I would not like Kyle. I have to say I had it totally wrong.

Someone who truly caught me off guard, as I thought I would have loved her, was Yolanda.

I was convinced we would become quick friends.

The first day we met she gave me her number and I was so happy I called her right away the next morning to invite her to lunch. When we finally did lunch (on camera, mind you), she really surprised me as I was talking about my soft spot (my mother) I was teary eyed and she suddenly says: “This is boring, let’s talk about what happened at Carlton’s lunch” (referring to Lisa’s HairGate incident). Apparently it was far more interesting for her to throw her friend under the bus with the new girl than to get to know the new girl.

Her husband David has been a true gentleman each time I’ve met him. I LOVE her kids, and I’m good friends with her ex-husband. I really don’t understand where all the arrogance and the elitist behavior fits in. She tries to play the voice of reason, but it’s very obvious that she is out to attack Lisa and excuse Brandi. During the entire Reunion she gave me her back, as she was mad at the fact that I defended Lisa. Originally I was going to sit next to Carlton, but I changed to be away from her. as I didn’t want to deal with the negative energy. Had I known Yolanda would be so disrespectful and give me her back the entire time I would’ve rather dealt with Carlton’s negative energy than Yolanda’s arrogant behavior and her cutting me off every time I spoke.”

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7 Replies to “Joyce Giraud: Brandi Is Childish And Pathetic”

  1. Good for Joyce standing her ground even though she kept getting insulted and interrupted. FINALLY–joyce even put to rest the tag line bad feedback she got when Andy brought this up and Joyce responded BRAVO wouldn’t let her use her real tag line–crickets and no disputes from Andy!

  2. Well said… couldn’ have said it better. Brandi playing the victim is old and insulting to other single Moms trying to put food on the table. Looking forward to seeing you next season Joyce….!

  3. Joyce deserves to stay. She’s much more consistent, credible, and likeable than most of her castmates. Go Joyce!

  4. The reality is Brandie is down right making fun of people who suffer from depression by using it as an excuse for and a reason for her disgusting behavior.
    Joyce is right someone who suffers from depression isn’t out partying and having a good time much less being on a reality show. Real depressed people have to have emotional energy to even take a shower.
    Brandie is so twisted mentally to even use depression as an excuse to treat others so badly!
    I’m officially done watching any housewives show if Brandie is back next season because that means Bravo has no integrity!

  5. I’m sure she is depressed! After all the shit she’s caused for so many people. But, I too have never known someone with depression out partying her brains out at the same time. I take anti-depressants….believe me I have had a hard time getting up in the morning. I didn’t want to leave the house, I quit cooking, didn’t put up a Christmas tree. Those are the things we relate to depression. I never told anyone off, I didn’t have the energy to even hold a conversation. So, it’s no excuse for the bad behavior. And the other…. “I’m having a bad year” When aren’t you having a bad year, Brandi? I can’t remember her ever claiming to have a good year since she came on the show. We’ve all had rough times but none of that defends your lack of morals and lack of compassion for others besides those that you feel can aid you or enable you. I think you’re about the worst friend a person could ever have. I don’t think you can even qualify as a “Hollywood Friend”. Joyce, I’m so glad you opened the playing field and have the smarts to take Brandi down several notches. She’s a bully and I think she’s used her foul mouth to intimidate the others. I’ve had a friend like her and it’s all for show. She was so self centered that there’s no room for anyone else in there. *except a man or two* Joyce hang in there!

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