Joyce Giraud Believes Brandi Glanville Needs Rehab, Brandi Responds


New Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Joyce Giraud isn’t holding back when it comes to her feelings about her cast mates, especially Brandi Glanville. RadarOnline reports Joyce believes Brandi needs to go to rehab for an alcohol addiction. “I did say Brandi needs rehab,” Joyce told Star Magazine while she was giving the mag a tour of her home. “I stand behind that, and I’d say it all over again.”

Brandi’s drinking becomes a focal point of the show, Radar reports, but Brandi isn’t the only lady Joyce will have words with. “If someone f*cks with me, they will hear from me,” Joyce says. “I’m very opinionated.”

Brandi took to Twitter to respond to Joyce’s comments. “I over indulge on wine on occasion & have made my mistakes.I am a great mom,friend, & daughter.I need rehab? Or duz someone just need ATTENTION,” she wrote. “Alcoholic is just one of the many labels Joyce put on me to give herself a story line.Oh don’t get me started! Watch&See”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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