Joyce Giraud: I Was Annoyed By Yolanda


Joyce Giraud is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the end of RHOBH reunion. Joyce explains that she likes Kyle and Lisa and that she hopes they can work on their relationship. Joyce points out that she was extremely annoyed with Yolanda for playing referee/director all day, and even throughout the season.

Joyce writes, “Tonight we continue with a lot of old baggage drama between Kyle and Lisa.  I wish they could one day talk about it and leave everything in the open as I really do like both of them.

The drama between Lisa and Brandi is an entirely different story. I don’t see how they could EVER move forward. When people are as vile as Brandi, it’s hard to see a future with trust and I believe true friendships must be built on trust, respect, loyalty, and love. I don’t see how you can say you love someone, yet talk so poorly about them. One of my favorite moments was when Lisa asked Brandi why she wanted to be her friend if she was so bad.

Yolanda really annoyed the hell out of me! She was playing referee the ENTIRE reunion. It’s one thing to try to reason and another to think you must always act like the voice of reason. Every time anyone spoke, she wanted to make a recap of what they were saying and give her larger than life thoughts on everything. That’s why at one point I simply couldn’t take it anymore and had to tell her. She’s been “playing” director and referee the entire Season and thinks she can get away with everything.

Once again, she exaggerated on tonight’s episode when she spoke about the incident with Ken. She says she remembered facts, but there is a footage that proves her memory of the incident is simply wrong. As humans we all make mistakes. . .I would have loved if she had said to Ken that the fact was she overreacted, but instead she stubbornly stood by her failed recollection of the events of the night.

After such a long and exhausting day of reunion, it was great when my husband arrived. He always manages to put a big smile on my face. When the husbands joined us, Andy had several questions for them.

My husband was asked about the incident with Carlton’s “spell.” I’ve said on multiple occasions I NEVER believed in any spells. And by saying that, I never disrespected or compared her religion with mine. I never compared her Goddess to my God because I respect every religion. I have friends from all different religions and cultures, and I love learning from them. I have recently met a Wiccan who is simply an amazing woman and has a very positive energy and outlook on life. Like my husband told Carlton at the Reunion, she says she doesn’t want people to “judge” her religion, but she’s the first one bringing it up and using it for shock value. If someone is proud of their religion, they don’t need to hide it or get upset if someone inquires about it. I believe if Carlton had previously experienced people treating her differently because of her religion, this show would have been the perfect outlet to reach millions of people. She should have used it to educate people about her religion instead of using her religion as shock value and her storyline against Kyle.

And by the way, what I do know now is that Wicca is a beautiful, positive religion. Carlton should study her own religion more and get some of it’s positive energy. But above all she should do as she preaches. She was the first one to say she hates labels, but she’s the first to label everyone else.

I think my biggest takeaway of how I felt during this Season is that I was very proud to remain true to myself. Like I always said: I’m not a $100 bill for everyone to like, but one thing I am is honest. And I’m proud to say I never compromised my integrity. Yes, there were many things I should’ve done differently. I wish I had not gotten nervous and touched my hair so much. At times I wish I could have expressed myself better, instead of thinking in Spanish and translating in my head. And I wish my tagline would have been the one I wanted (Beauty is only skin deep, it’s what’s in your heart that matters).

Lots of people ask me if I would do the show again if I could go back in time and the answer is yes. This show brought me to all of you and the love and support I get even in the streets is simply priceless. For that I will forever be grateful.”

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12 Replies to “Joyce Giraud: I Was Annoyed By Yolanda”

  1. One classy lady she turned out to be less the pee-pee conversation. Bravo, please keep joyce–she is very positive for the show and uses the show to platform for her charities, not products like many others.

  2. Joyce you are a beautiful, honest woman with a brave heart and darling husband. How wonderful to have gotten to know you. I hope you’ll stay on tho the rumors say otherwise. If you leave you take many positive thoughts from me and others.

  3. I like Joyce. However if I was Wiccan and someone told me “spells only get to you if you believe in them.” I would be offended. It was a slight and condescending. She should have kept her thoughts to herself in that moment. It’s funny that she doesn’t “believe” in spells, but had a priest bless their whole house. LOL. If Carlton could take herself less seriously, she should be having a good laugh at Joyce and her hubby right now. I do like how Carlton didn’t defend herself, and let them make their own bed of stupidity! Joyce and her husband really need to drop this Wiccan thing. They are coming off as ignorant. It’s not a good look.

  4. I like Joyce and hopes she stays. She has been a target for Brandi, Yolanda and the witch and I cannot see that she has harmed anyone. She even apologized if she hurt anyone’s feelings and I think she acted more like a lady than all of them put together. Yolanda is a true snob and thinks her sh_t don’t stink but I can’t stand the smell.

  5. I like Joyce! Joyce is a great new addition to the cast! Joyce has been on poiny throughout the season. However, Joyce you DID compare your God to Carlton’s God, it’s on film! Apologize for it already!

  6. I loved Joyce. Andy got rid of her because of Yolanda’s feelings for her .He said she wa annoying Yolanda. Joyce was trying to tell the truth abouthow things played out on the show. Yo kept interrupting her . Andy tells Joyce to be quiet and let Yolanda speak. He fired her on tha reunion.

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