Josh Waring Insists He’s Innocent; Slapped With New Charges


Former RHOC star Lauri Peterson’s son Josh Waring was arrested in June of 2016 for attempted murder and was facing three counts of attempted murder, three counts of personal use of a firearm, and one count of inflicting great bodily injury.

But at a hearing on August 19th, the District Attorney slapped waring with new charges including; battery, hit and run with property damage, evading police/reckless driving, resisting arrest and obstructing an officer, and unlawful taking of a vehicle. His bail is set at $1 million.

RadarOnline spoke with Josh earlier this month and he insisted he was innocent of the charges.

When asked if she shot the man, he said, “No, absolutely not.”

“I had a prior altercation that night,” Josh insisted.

“I was using,” Josh said, admitting past consumption of heroin and Xanax. “I was under the influence, and was chased off the property.”

“It was a mistake of bad timing,” he insisted. “Someone came back and shot up the house. Just because of the fact I had priors, I was arrested.”

“I have four other cases on top of this,” he admitted. “One is a trafficking sales case, in which I face a max of 22 years and four months. And for the attempted murder, a 45-year max. I am facing time, which is scary.”

But he is trying to remain positive.

“I’m doing good. I’m all right.”

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6 Replies to “Josh Waring Insists He’s Innocent; Slapped With New Charges”

  1. Oh? He rattles off his rap sheet like the way I read off a shopping list. he’s a mess, he belongs in jail. I don’t care if he can get drugs in jail. Frankly, jail is to keep these criminals AWAY FROM INNOCENT PEOPLE so they don’t hurt anyone else. It shouldn’t be a place they go to get rehabbed, and schooled and have transgender surgery and whatever other bullshit PC thing they want. IMHO.

  2. That boy has been in trouble forever, he’s old enough to know better, he is what he is, he needs to go to prison!

  3. Good job Laurie great parenting. When Josh began having problems you dumped him and Ashley in your old condo paid their way and moved in with George. You are responsible for his acting out. All he wanted was his mother to be there for him. Getting married to money bags george and moving on with your life was more important to you than your own children. Your a disgusting excuse for a mother I hope in therapy he comes clean to say that his mom alienated him and his sister because her life was more important than helping him get through his stuff. I cannot stand this woman. She makes me just fume.

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