Johnny And Penny Karagiorgis File Civil Suit Against Bravo, Seven Defendants


Season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is wrapping up, but the show’s legal problems worsen as seven defendants have been named in a new lawsuit over the brawl that occurred at the opening of POSCHE 2 in the season finale. In Touch reports that a civil lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Johnny “The Greek” Karagiorgis and his wife Penny Karagiorgis against several of Bravo’s cast members, including Joe Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita, her husband Chris Laurita, Bravo and even Moxie Salon, the business where the brawl took place.

In the suit John alleges he was physically attacked by Joe, Jacqueline and Chris. The suit reads: “John Karagiorgis was unlawfully attacked without warning by Giuseppe (Joe) Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita, and Christopher Laurita. Giuseppe Gorga unlawfully attacked John Karagiorgis by punching him in the face and/or head with a closed fist. Christopher Laurita unlawfully attacked John Karagiorgis by punching him in face and/or head with a closed fist. Jacqueline Laurita then unlawfully attacked John Karagiorgis by striking him on the head and/or face with a stiletto-type shoe.”

The lawsuit was filed in Hackensack, N.J., on Oct. 2nd, and Karagiorgis claims that Bravo producers conspired with the cast to confront him in order to increase the show’s ratings. John and Penny are seeking punitive damages plus attorney fees. The complaint states Johnny and Penny “have suffered but are not limited to bruising, scarring, disfigurement, fractured bones, facial lacerations, mental anguish, psychological health problems, physical discomfort, pain and suffering, economic losses, and shame and embarrassment.”

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8 Replies to “Johnny And Penny Karagiorgis File Civil Suit Against Bravo, Seven Defendants”

  1. OMG this jerk is nothing but a cowardly bully who hides behind his computer.
    This A hole should have gotten a lot worse than he did. And the biggest instigator – KIM D — should be held accountable for all the hell she has been responsible for. And the biggest idiot of all is Me for watching this stuff for 3 years now. I guess I am just hooked because I cannot believe people enjoy making such asses of themselves.

    1. I agree with you 100%. The guy is an opportunist & I hope HE & his skanky wife end up getting nothing & having to pay ALL court costs & attorney fees. People who sit on Twitter, Facebook or the web anonymously judging other people and being nasty & rude are nothing more than COWARDS. BTW: John & penny, my name is Laurie Palmer and I think you are SCUM! Was that honest enough for you? I don’t hide when I believe something.

    2. I stopped watching a long time ago… all of the real housewives… sometimes I just watch the orange county ones from time to time but I am no longer hooked…thank God! So many other things to watch on tv that are more thrililng and exciting. I couldn’t care less about these people and how they try to attain these lifestyles without really being able to have the means to do it…

  2. Bahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Sorry guys, you sue all you want for bruising, scarring, disfigurement all you want but that didn’t happen from the fight, you were born ugly!! The only shame and embarrasment brought upon you was the shame and embarrasment you brought upon yourselves….

  3. they are full of it, they should have keeps comments off of tweeter especially about nick and his autsim. they got what they deserved.

  4. watch judge judy he will win you never use fists or heels lol , hope poison joe doesn’t spend the whole 3 million he got for his house, wacko and chris better find another job, blk water is a fraud.just dirty water and they’ll have to pay a nice amt.

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