John Legend Sings Joe Giudice’s Song Written For Teresa

When Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice appeared on WWHL in October, she shared that Joe Giudice, wrote her a love song while serving his 41-month prison sentence to commemorate their 17th wedding anniversary that month. Joe also noted that he wanted John Legend to sing it some day for his wife.

We knew we’d see the stars align for Teresa one day and that was Wednesday night, when John made a visit to the Bravo Clubhouse.

Host Andy Cohen handed John the lyrics to the love song along with a keyboard and asked him to “make Joe Giudice’s dream come true” by singing his rendition of the ballad. John laughed nervously as he prepared to perform. But we don’t really know what he was worried about, because he went on to croon an absolutely flawless rendition of the song.

The lyrics were: “‘Cause I’ll love you forever / I’ll never lie, no, never / ‘Cause you are my baby, my empress, my lady / Teresa, you are my Heaven / You’re my Heaven.”

Andy’s reaction? “That was incredible.”

Watch the performance of Joe’s song below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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That’s so sweet!

That’s is so nice of John Legend, very cool.

Is he the guy that sings all of me

Yes he is Daisy, he was on a show here a few weeks ago.

Love love love that song. It makes me cry every time

It is a beautiful song!

Yes it is. I will have to read the article when I get home and find my glasses

THIS is a sentence I’ve been saying to myself non-stop recently, LOL!!! I literally just had this telephone conversation with a Deaconess at my church over ” mutual eye woes” , LOL…

Oh yes, the perils of aging . I just found mine under the shoes that my Bonnie dog chewed up . Of course she also got them . So now I can’t see what I’m writing . I hope not too many typos

Wow! He’s amazing. And he and Trevor Noah are two very handsome men of color! Holy cow. Pretty amazing how Teresa and Joe went to prison and get the privilege of having John Legend sing for them like Joe’s The Godfather himself.

What exactly are you implying? Just curious.

I’m joking that while he’s sitting in prison he’s got a superstar singing his love song for his wife. Just seems like glorification of crime.

Shout out to our high achieving native sons of the midwest, shout out to my academic brothers and sisters from The Big 8, and shout out to love songs. We need a lot more love songs in the world today!

I think when Teresa went to prison, Jo realized what he had. I don’t believe he really understood how much she meant to him and his life until she was gone. 3 1/2 years is a LONG time for him to be gone. I am very curious to see how she handles it. Either way, John Legend has a beautiful voice, and it was kind of him to sing the song for Jo, and Teresa. I personally don’t believe that because they in fact committed a crime, that it means they deserve nothing in the way of joy, surprise, love,… Read more »

I don’t see any name calling in this thread. My point is that he’s still in prison- which is a punishment for his crime- but he still gets a privilege (have John Legend sing his song) that many many many law abiding citizens would love to have. If he weren’t in prison right now do you think John Legend would’ve sang that? No. So to me, it seems like his prison sentence is being glorified and rewarded.

I totally agree. Rewards for the “star criminal yet again.

Well said 3’Ds, I totally agree.

The Giudice’s are NOT newsworthy. For God’s sake, they are convicted felons!

And anyone who can’t come up with a handle on a blog must be either paranoid, or afraid, ( or forgot to log in, & f that’s the case, my apologies ) and is above all, certainly not newsworthy either. Funny that the Guidice’s have news articles, plural, written about them daily. Oh, & You might get connected to the handle as it attaches to your opinion, rather than being lumped in with all the other anon’s., which is the point, to have an opinion and back it up, discuss it etc., not hit and run like a coward. See… Read more »