John Karagriogis Speaks Out About RHONJ Finale And POSCHE Brawl


The previews for the season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey have been released, and as we previously reported, Johnny “The Greek” Karagiorgis is shown in a heated verbal confrontation with Joe Gorga. Bravo is not legally allowed to air the physical fight that happened the night of Kim D’s opening, but John is revealing how he feels about the footage from that night being aired.

“The embarrassment alone and the level of distraught — I don’t even want to talk about it, ’cause I consider it appalling. I consider it embarrassing. And they are completely fabricating everything that they’re selling,” John told “They’re saying that I spoke negatively about a child, a sick child, which I, not now, then or ever, will speak negatively about a child, especially a sick one. I will protect your child, just like I protect my own. And these people are disgusting.”

Karagiorgis did not want to further comment on the brawl that took place, because Joe Gorga, Chris and Jacqueline Laurita and John are all set to stand before a Ridgewood Municipal Court judge on Thursday.

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6 Replies to “John Karagriogis Speaks Out About RHONJ Finale And POSCHE Brawl”

  1. He and his wife are so full of crap. Johnny did constantly tweet that Jac and Chris were exploiting their son’s Autism to get magazine covers, interviews, and a storyline for the RHONJ. He notoriously deletes all his tweets. They were dupped by the producers because they have been actively looking to get in as a regular housewife. They did not know neither Melissa nor Teresa personally. If you followed them on twitter for the two years, you picked up on all of this. They were set up and promised by the producers to get a recurring role which they didn’t.

  2. Why would we believe you??? You have already been proven to sit back behind your computer and write horrid things…..just like Jacq said, you would never do it but someone is telling you to do it……you still did it and probably did about Nick too. Garbage wannabe fame whores..

  3. So if this obnoxious man did NOT say or tweet those things about Nick, does that mean Bravo made the whole thing up? If he did tweet them, then Bravo should be able to produce the physical evidence. Let’s see who is telling the truth!!!!

  4. Oy, these two…Johnny the Geek and Penny the Horsetail are nothing but trouble in my opinion. They want airtime and will say and do anything to get it. I know there was comments from Teresa fans over the last couple of weeks praising Penny for coming out and telling her “version” of the truth…I wonder what those same fans are thinking now that Penny has thrown Tre under the bus?

    These two along with that Kim D are garbage…every time the Guidice/Gorga family tries to work out their differences Kim D and her minions are there to spew more bullsh*t!!! Teresa needs to break ties with these people, own her part, apologize and move on and Joe and Melissa need to shut these people up and then own their part in the family fued, apologize and move on! No one is innocent ! We all make mistakes and I for one am glad Teresa is finally owning her part, it makes her look better in my eyes.

  5. I dont think Theresa is 100% innocent, but look at these two, they are greasy!!! yuk, Johnny the Greek, lmao, so stupid, and she owns a salon? Her extentions are horrible, ick all the way around!

  6. So… not only did Bravo splice together their comments but have now (paid?) Teresa to engage in a mock fight where she pretends Penny is accusing her and she’s fighting back? The comments Penny made DIRECTLY to Teresa are the same comments she made to Melissa without Teresa. It’s amazing that anyone is willing to set aside reason and intellect to believe anything these people have to say. It says something, to me, that Teresa would be round these people at all. SO JTG got her some gigs, etc, but she wasn’t friends with these people and didn’t really know them… she was at their salon, having lunch with Penny, etc, etc, etc… pathetic.

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