John Karagiorgis Plans To Sue Bravo, NBC, RHONJ Cast And More


The brawl that wasn’t aired on the season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is far from over, RadarOnline reports. Even though charges were dropped against Chris and Jacqueline Laurita, Joe Gorga and John Karagiorgis, the site reports there will be a civil lawsuit filed soon and not only will it involve the cast, but Bravo too. “Johnny plans to file civil charges against all three of the people from the show, Bravo, NBC, the production company and the security teams that didn’t stop the physical violence from happening,” an insider tells Radar.

“He’s also planning to sue Kim D individually, Moxie Salon and the Moxie twins,” the source says. “Johnny says they all knew the altercation was going to happen, the salon owners were telling clients Johnny was coming to the event and there was going to be an altercation, there is going to be action.”

“He believes everything is a big conspiracy and this was planned and orchestrated weeks in advance,” the insider shares. “Johnny is going to go forward with civil cases against as many people as he can to fight this and make sure that the people involved all pay.”

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7 Replies to “John Karagiorgis Plans To Sue Bravo, NBC, RHONJ Cast And More”

  1. Are you serious? Why waste your time? He and his wife stooped low enough to defame people so if anything one of them could counter. If you didn’t want to be part of the “altercation” you shouldn’t of engaged with crazy Gorga. Also instead of tweeting your life away, why don’t you find other productive things to do?

  2. I cant wait until his lawsuit gets tossed and he is stuck with so many legal fees that he and his wife are bankrupt, they signed a full disclosure waiver to appear on the show barring them from legal action no matter what happened or how their appearance is spun. This guy looks like a tree stump and is about as bright as one. HA their 15 minutes of fame blew up in their face. Go away Johnny the geek and take your transvestite wife with you

    1. I agree, what a bunch of wanna be’s. Johnny the Greek, so stupid he goes by that. Makes me laugh. And Penny’s extensions, yikes, they are awful, she needs to do something about that ugly smug face to!

  3. Bahahahahahahaha!!!!! Good luck with that! Did you not read your contract???? You are just trying to get the monetary support you thought you were going to get when you and your string-bomb haired wife THOUGHT you were going to become part of the show……. I think you have a better chance at meeting God!!!

  4. This greaseball jerk is not fooling anyone. He just enjoys seeing his name in print same as his “wife”. Do these people have children? My heart goes out to all the kids involved – they will be the ones ostracized in schools because of the actions of their immature parents. I mean all of them including the Gorgas, the Lauritas and the Guidices.

  5. What a tool this guy is. He his wife and Kim D are just looking for their 15 min. He is just blowing smoke out of his a$$……

  6. BOYCOTT BRAVO if Teresa isn’t fired!!! She has been arrested on 39 counts for being a thief and liar. Why should we support a criminal!

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