Are Joe And Teresa Giudice Separated? Teresa Responds


Yesterday, Joe Giudice attended a court hearing for his DMV case alone, which sparked the question, ‘Where’s Teresa?’ Teresa and Joe have a tough year ahead of them as the trial for their 41 count indictment begins in February, and rumors of Joe’s infidelity continue to surface. An insider reveals  to Naughty But Nice Rob that the couple’s marriage is in trouble. “They are having problems. It is almost impossible for a marriage to survive all this stress,” a friend revealed. “We are praying for them, but it does not look good.”

“At this moment, they are living separate lives,” the source added. “They will deny this, as they want to make sure Bravo gets all the drama on film.”

And deny they did. Naughty But Nice Rob updated the story writing that Teresa e-mailed him and said there is absolutely no truth to the rumors she and Joe are separated, but that they are actually sticking together.

Photo Credit: Getty Images