Joe And Melissa Gorga’s Tenant Has History Of Non-Payment And Eviction


Despite being overwhelmed with the season premiere of RHONJ, Melissa and Joe Gorga have been feuding with the tenant of their Montville home. Kai Patterson claims the Gorgas have failed to make promised repairs to the home, but according to a new report, Patterson has history of non-payment and even eviction.

“This guy is very slick,” an insider tells RadarOnline. “Unfortunately he got through the vetting process to even be able to view the Gorgas’ house, and then enter into a lease purchase agreement.”

Court documents filed in New Jersey in 2012 show that Patterson’s former landlord filed suit to have him evicted from a Saddle River, NJ, property he was renting. According to the documents, Patterson failed to pay rent from February 10 through October 2012, leaving him $332,500 in debt to his landlord.

In November 2012, the documents claim, Patterson told the court that he would settle with his landlords. But by March 2013, he still had not paid, and owed $435,600, the documents claim.

The insider calls this an “eerily similar coincidence,” Patterson struck back by claiming the property contained “toxic mold that began spreading” shortly after he moved in. Patterson also claimed that he had offered his landlords shares in his company in lieu of back rent.

Patterson finally left the property in September 2013.

Now it appears like history may be repeating itself.

“The Gorgas are actually scared that they have a professional scam artist and serial squatter squatting in their family’s home, with a history of claiming damage and repairs and not paying rent,” a source close to the family says. “He’s calling the Gorgas slumlords when he’s living for free in their 13,500 square foot mansion… ”

The insider adds, “There is no negotiation going on. He may be trying, but the Gorgas are pursuing legal action to remove him from their property. That’s it. Bottom line is that Patterson doesn’t have the funds to rent, let alone purchase the Gorgas’ home. If he did, he would have come with a check in hand to the court on June 27 and put the money in escrow until the repairs he claims are needed on the Gorgas’ home were done and then the court would release the funds. He didn’t have the money so he delayed by showing up late to court.”

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5 Replies to “Joe And Melissa Gorga’s Tenant Has History Of Non-Payment And Eviction”

  1. Don’t watch this show this season but still read your blogs. The only comment I want to make is about the pic of Kim D on this page today.
    If she doesn’t look like the devil incarnate I don’t know who does.

  2. I feel for the Gorgas. We have rental property… No fun when the tenant does not pay, and yet we still have bills to cover.

    Why oh why was a background check not done on this guy?

    1. Right – getting rid of his poison originated from the Howard Stern show – he acts like HE came up with it. Horrible short excuse for a man …. she’s just as bad for marrying him & procreating!

  3. This Kia Patterson was on Facebook in a football group telling me all kinds of tales about his military service, etc. etc. etc. He’s a FRAUD!

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